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Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the ... The most widely accepted theory of the origin of the term is that it is derived from the name of a go...

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Apr 19, 2011 ... Our word Easter is of Saxon origin, and of precisely the same import with its German cognate Ostern. The latter is derived from the old Teutonic ...

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For these reasons, we prefer to use the term “Resurrection Sunday” rather than “ Easter” when referring to the annual Christian remembrance of Christ's ...

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Recently a Moslem co-worker made the comment that Easter was originally a ... If this is the origin of our word Easter, then the Church "baptized" the name, ...

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The German word "to mourn" (grun) is very similar to the word for green (grÜn). ... By the way, if you're interested in the origins, histories, and customs of various ...

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Old English Easterdæg, from Eastre (Northumbrian Eostre), from Proto-Germanic *austron-, "dawn," also the name of a goddess of fertility and spring, perhaps ...

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Apr 20, 2014 ... According to the New Unger's Bible Dictionary says: “The word Easter is of Saxon origin, Eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour ...

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Easter definition, an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, observed on the first Sunday after ... Examples; Word Origin.

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Apr 23, 2011 ... Is this the correct etymology of the word Easter? ... other languages also trace their names for Friday from root words meaning "Venus day" [.

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Mar 26, 2012 ... Have you ever wondered why we call the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, "Easter," in English? Some people think that Easter ...

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Origin of the Word Easter - Discover the history of this word and holiday. Where does the word originate and how did it become a celebrated holiday?

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Once again, this Hebrew word can only refer to Passover. And other translations .... The English term Easter is of pagan origin” (Albert Henry Newman, D.D., LL.

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An article discussing the origin of the word Easter and its equivalents in other European languages, as well as related words.