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Patulous Eustachian tube, also known as patent Eustachian tube, is the name of a physical ... These sounds, such as one's own breathing, voice, and heartbeat, vibrate directly onto the ear drum and can create a "bucket on the head" effect.


For example, one ear may hear a sound at a different pitch or different timing ... Diplacusis echoica occurs when the timing of tones is slight different in each ear.


The inner ear is isolated from the environment by the eardrum on one side and ... Symptoms include itching, pain, discharge from the ear, a feeling of fullness, ...


WebMD Ear, Nose & Throat Community. Save. WebMD-moderated ... Will Vicks dayquil make you te... Have you found the ALL EARS BLOG? Expert. Common ...


The most common echoing people experience in their ears is one when they speak--like you're talking in your head. If you're hearing an echo from all sounds,  ...


I can pop my ears no problem and there is absolutely no pain but the ... Yup, it's autophony (the loud, echo-ey hearing yourself speak). I get that ...


Had an ear infection in both ears. The infection went away but then started having echo noises. What could be causing this? Click here to read the response .


This consists of holding the nose and blowing forcefully until your ears "pop. ... it generally causes a full feeling in the ear and an echo in the ear when one talks.

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Well, I have a dr's appointment for something else in a couple of weeks. I will have him look at the ears. I don't use Q-tips for ear cleaning.