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In economics, a recession is a negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters. It is also a business cycle contraction which results in a general ...

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A significant decline in activity across the economy, lasting longer than a few ... of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as ...

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The NBER website lists the peaks and troughs in economic activity starting with the December 1854 trough. The website also defines a recession as:.

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The NBER does not define a recession in terms of two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP. Rather, a recession is a significant decline in economic ...

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Jun 21, 2016 ... While investors have been focused on the perennial failed hope for a second half economic recovery, they have been missing the most salient ...

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A recession implies a fall in real GDP. An official definition of a recession is a period of negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters. Recessions are  ...

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Jul 4, 2016 ... A recession is when the economy declines significantly for at least six months. That means there's a drop in the following five economic ...

Brazil crisis: Economy spirals deeper into recession - Jun. 1, 2016


Jun 1, 2016 ... Brazil's economy shrank 5.4% in the first three months of 2016, amid a political crisis and right before Rio de Janeiro hosts the Summer ...

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Nigeria has slipped into recession, with the latest growth figures showing the economy contracted by 2.06% between April and June.

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Jul 29, 2016 ... Economic Recession 2017 - I follow durable goods because it tracks corporate spending on items that can be considered an investment.

Economic Crisis
The financial crisis of 2007–2009 has been called the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. Both market-based and regulatory solutions have been implemented or are under consideration, while significant risks remain for the world economy.