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This is a list of edible plants in the family Cactaceae. Acanthocereus tetragonus, the sword pear,; Carnegiea gigantea, the Saguaro,; Cereus repandus ...

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Many cacti and succulents are edible! Read more about some of them here.

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WebMD gives you information on Edible Cactus and recipes that use it.

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Some other families of cactus with edible members are Cereus, Hylocereus and Saguaro. There is probably an edible cactus near you. It also might be healthy: ...

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Dec 15, 2012 ... Learn all about this interesting variety of cactus, how to grow it and some interesting facts about how it can climb trees!

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Aug 1, 2009 ... The Arizona-Sonoran Desert region has more wild edible plants than anywhere else on the planet according to ethnobotanists. We have cactus ...

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An organically certified edible and landscape cactus plants nursery. Located on the California Central Coast, shipping virtually spineless cactus plants.

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Jun 5, 2006 ... Some very large cacti that produce edible fruit include the Saguaro, .... Yes, Ethan, you are quite right: technically all cactus fruits are edible.

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Jun 29, 2015 ... Here are a few edible succulents which, despite the intimidating ... The oval- shaped, juicy fruit of this cactus is known by several names, ...

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If you're not afraid to get adventurous with your diet, consider cooking with edible cactus. Prickly pear, a common variety of edible cactus available in the United ...

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These can be divided into two broad groups: the inedible—or at least basically unpalatable—cholla cacti (which have slender, rounded stems) and the edible ...

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The prickly pear plant has three different edible sections: the pad of the cactus ( nopal), which can be treated like a vegetable, the petals of the flowers, which can  ...

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Over two hundred Cactaceae cultivars grow in their natural habitat, particularly in semi-arid and dry lands of northern Mexico. Edible cactus paddles are usually ...