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Orthodontists are specialized dentists trained to diagnose, prevent and correct structural problems in patient's teeth. More than a decade of education is required ...

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A student who knows she wants to be an orthodontist, or is even considering it as a career, should begin preparing as early as possible. Taking science courses ...

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Orthodontists, who are best known for straightening teeth with braces, work in a subspecialty of dentistry. They diagnose, help prevent and treat problems related  ...

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Required Education, Undergraduate degree; Doctor of Dental Science degree via ... In order to become an orthodontist, students need to complete four years of  ...

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An orthodontist is a dental specialist and to become one requires an additional 2 to 3 years of advanced education and training after acquiring a D.D.S. (Doctor ...

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Orthodontist Job Description. What does an orthodontist do? Orthodontists are specially trained dentists who work with patients to correct improper bites or jaw ...

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Becoming an orthodontist requires passion, commitment and money. The road is long and strenuous, but it is ...

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Educational Requirements for Becoming an Orthodontist ... Step-by-Step Educational Path to Becoming an Orthodontist.

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Explore the career requirements for orthodontists. Get the facts about education, salary, licensing requirements and job growth to determine if...

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Sep 28, 2016 ... Many hours of study are required to obtain this occupation. ... It takes a long time and many hours of study to become an orthodontist.