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Most plants need light to grow and keep them healthy, but not all plants need light to germinate, and, as we shall see, some seeds find light a hindrance.

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Plant hormones that respond to light govern the growth of plants from germination through the growing season. Some plants require full sun; others grow in the ...



THE EFFECT OF LIGHT ON. GERMINATION OF SEEDS. By A. A. D. Comrie, B. Sc. Until recent years the presence or absence of light has not been considered ...

The effect of seed source, light during germination, and cold-moist ...


The effect of seed source, light during germination, and cold-moist stratification on seed germination in three species of Echinacea for organic production.

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Most seeds are not affected by light or darkness, but many seeds, including species found in forest settings will not germinate until an opening in the canopy  ...

Effect of Light on Seed Germination of Eight Wetland Carex Species


The effects of light on germination in eight Carex species from prairie wetlands were investigated. • Methods Non-dormant seeds of eight Carex species were ...

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40. THE EFFECT OF LIGHT ON SEED GERMINATION. For many years we have had difficulty in germinating the seeds of certain species of trees even when ...

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fundamental relation of light to the germination of seeds, and to show just what light does to start germination. The effect of light on the germination of seeds has  ...

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"Shade light" inhibited germination. We concluded that the regime of alternating temperatures suppressed the light effects on seed germination of this species.

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The effects of different wavelengths of light on seed germination and seedling growth have been studied (CROCKER 1936). Certain kinds of seeds require light  ...