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Drug Information and Facts About the Side Effects of Drugs ...

... Truth About Drugs booklet information series, offering prevention education to dangerous side effects of drugs, teen addiction to illegal street narcotics such as  ...

Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction | Gateway Treatment Centers

The Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction can harm the body in a variety of different ways, from health ... Today, one in four deaths is attributable to illicit drug use.

How illegal drugs affect you - ACT Policing

Some of the side effects of illegal drugs could actually limit your ability to have the 'good time' you might have thought the drug was going to provide.

The effects of drugs - Live Well - NHS Choices

Find out about the most commonly used illegal drugs in England and Wales, including cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy, and the effects they can have on your ...
The truth is there are negative health effects associated with every illegal drug out there and some of them can even be fatal. Here is a summary of the most commonly used illicit drugs and the effects they have on your health. Although no link has been confirmed betw... More »
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Drugs: What You Should Know - KidsHealth

The effects of drugs can vary depending upon the kind of drug taken, how ... Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking illegal drugs, and sniffing glue can all ...

Illicit Drug Abuse - NIH Senior Health

Generally, people take illicit drugs to feel good or feel better than they felt before. ... longer pleasurable, and even the effects of the drug aren't as strong as they ...

Commonly Abused Drugs Charts | National Institute on Drug Abuse ...

The previous Commonly Abused Drugs Chart, Prescription Drugs Chart, and the Health Effects content have all been merged into this section. Scroll down and ...

Consequences of Illegal Drug Use

Illegal drugs -- such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine ... and 1970s are now succumbing to the cumulative health effects of years of abuse.

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart -

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart. drugs. Illegal drug abuse and addiction are very serious problems that can affect people of all ages, ranging from adults to ...

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Q: What are the effects of illegal drugs?
A: Answer illigal drugs usally cause big problems. this can be money wise, family or freind. Drug use dont just effect the user they effect every one arond them. w... Read More »
Q: What are the effects of illegal drugs?
A: They make you post questions in the wrong category. Read More »
Q: Harmful Effects of Illegal Drugs.
A: Chemicals found within many illegal substances can impair your process of thinking, damage your body and lead to dangerous situations. Despite potential risks, ... Read More »
Q: Effects of illegal drugs?
A: in long run dose dependence damages mental abilities finally they may cause a lot of damage to life including personal &social Read More »
Q: What are the causes and effects of illegal drugs?
A: I'm not quite sure what you want here. are you asking about what "causes" drug use? do you want to know the "effects" drugs have on person?...which drug? I'm ve... Read More »