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Some stress during pregnancy is normal, just as it is during other times of life. But if stress becomes constant, the effects on you and your baby could be lasting.


Learn what causes stress during pregnancy, what types of stress are most problematic and ... We don't completely understand the effects of stress on pregnancy.


But unnecessary stress during pregnancy should be avoided if possible for a few ... These effects were observed in a University of Pennsylvania lab in pregnant ...


Dr. Calvin Hobel, a perinatologist in Los Angeles, has spent much of his career trying to document the effects of stress on pregnancy and to figure out how best ...


A: The impact of a pregnant mom's stress on an unborn baby is debatable. Some experts believe that prolonged bouts of severe stress (like a death in the family, ...


Feb 24, 2014 ... Mom's stress during pregnancy may have long-lasting effects for children.


Mar 22, 2015 ... Why learning to let it go may be one of the best things pregnant women ... years studying the effect pregnant women's stress reactions have on the fetus. ... “We don't pay attention to women's mental health during pregnancy ...


The effects of maternal stress and anxiety during pregnancy. Since ancient times, scientists have written about beliefs that the emotional state of the pregnant ...


Aug 21, 2007 ... I'm 26 weeks and 6 days I'm always stress out does that affect my baby ... So anyone who is dealing with great stress during pregnancy don't ... I think we do not have a full picture of the effects of certain things on pregnancy.


May 31, 2007 ... Stress experienced by a woman during pregnancy may affect her ... with potentially harmful effects on brain and development, according to new ...