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The Flag of Egypt
The flag of Egypt has three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black; the national emblem (a gold Eagle of Saladin facing the hoist side with a shield superimposed on its chest above a scroll bearing the name of the country in Arabic)
National Anthem: Bilady, Bilady, Bilady (My Homeland, My Homeland, My Homeland)
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The flag of Egypt is a tricolour consisting of the three equal horizontal red, white, and black bands of the Arab Liberation flag dating back to the Egyptian ...

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Egypt flag colors - meaning/symbolism of National flag of Egypt - pictures history facts - All about Egypt flag information for kids.

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Oct 4, 2012 ... Egypt flag has three equal bands of red, white and black, respectively from top to bottom. The three bands in the Egyptian Flag are placed ...

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The three colors of the Egyptian flag, along with its national emblem, represent the nation's modern history, from monarchy rule to British occupation to the end of  ...

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The today's flag of Egypt shows three horizontal, same wide stripes in red, white and black with the golden (yellow) Eagle of Saladin, and was hoisted up in her ...

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The Egyptian flag consists of three equal horizontal red along with color white and black bands of the Arab Liberation flag since the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

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The Egyptian flag consists of three horizontal stripes - red, white, and black one. In the middle of the white stripe, so called Saladin´s eagle is placed.

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Egypt Flag - The 1952 revolt against British rule established the red-white-black flag with a central gold eagle.