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Amulet—Predynastic, and onward; ankh symbol of life held by ra; Benben stone the top stone of the Egyptian pyramid; Canopic jar—Vessel containing internal ...


Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names. The word form in bold type is the one generally used on this site. Some remarks concerning transliteration and ...


Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian Glossary and Terms. Important words and definitions you need to know about this civilization.


Egyptian tradition says that the sun ended his daily journey at Abydos, and entered into the underworld here, through a gap in the mountains called "peq". In the ...


A, B. ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life. ba, the physical vitality present in a living thing. cartouche, an oval frame used to surround the hieroglyphic name of any ...


Akhet One of the three seasons in ancient Egypt. It was the season when the Nile flooded, spreading tons of mud and silt across its floodplain. This occurred ...


Glossary of terms used in Egyptian history including those of foreign origin like ' cartouche,' 'caliph' and 'portico'


Glossary of terms connected with the history of ancient Egypt.


A helpful guide to Egyptian Glossary and meanning of words. It will certainly enhance your enjoyment of this great country.