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Glossary of ancient Egypt artifacts


Amulet—Predynastic, and onward. Canopic jar—Vessel containing internal body organs removed during mummifiication · Canopic chest—The common chest ...

Egyptian Glossary - Egypt and Art


ABTU. . The Greeks called this place Abydos. It was the seat of worship of Osiris. It was also called Busiris, "the house of Osiris". Egyptian tradition says that the ...

Ancient Egyptian History for Kids: Glossary and Terms - Ducksters


Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian Glossary and Terms. Important words and definitions you need to know about this civilization.

Egyptian Terms Glossary - Ancient/Classical History - About.com


Glossary of terms connected with the history of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Glossary - Social Studies for Kids


Social Studies for Kids Home • Fun Facts • Glossaries • Newsletter • FAQ. Ancient Egypt. People. Ahmose · Amen · Amenhotep · Aten · Cleopatra · Hatshepsut.

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Akhenaten King of Egypt from 1353 to 1336 BC. He tried to make people abandon their many gods and worship only Aten, the Sun in the sky. He was the father ...

The Global Egyptian Museum | Glossary


... lazuli · Late Period · Leather · Leiden · Libyan Period · Life after death · Lille · Limestone · Linen · Lisbon · Liverpool Quicktime VR; Lotus · Lower Egypt · Luxor  ...

The Key to Egyptian Glossary and Meaning of Terms - Love Egypt


A helpful guide to Egyptian Glossary and meanning of words. It will certainly enhance your enjoyment of this great country.

Digital Egypt for Universities: A to Z Index - UCL


plan of Old Kingdom settlement, seal impressions, Egyptian pottery, Nubian pottery, flint tools, a kiln; in the Middle Kingdom, in the New Kingdom.

Rediscover Ancient Egypt - Glossary


Glossary. Afrangi – The silent majority of Egyptians are called (and they call themselves) Baladi, meaning natives. The loud minority of Egyptians (high ...

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Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names


Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names. The word form in bold type is the one generally used on this site. Some remarks concerning transliteration and ...

Glossary - The Egyptians


He wrote a history of Egypt and is one of the few writers to describe the process of mummification. However his work is full of fantastic tales and is not always to ...

Ancient Egyptian Terms for Children - Ancient/Classical History


A list of elementary ancient Egyptian terms for children to know. ... 4. Ancient Egyptian Glossary. 5. What Is the Great Sphinx? About.com · About Education ...