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The Egyptian canine god was Anubis, also called Ienpw. In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is a dog of unknown origin, though he is most likely a jackal; therefore, he is not so much a g...

Ancient Egyptian deities


Ancient Egyptian deities are the gods and goddesses worshipped in ancient Egypt. The beliefs and rituals surrounding these gods formed the core of ancient  ...

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Nut Shu Geb Amun Anubis Bastet Hathor Horus Isis Osiris Ptah Ra Sobek Seth Thoth Ma'at Montu Tefnut Nephythys Mut ...

Egyptian Gods


Ankh. Egyptian Gods. Ankh. God of, Name, Appearance.

Stephanie Cass says, "The name "Horus" is a general catchall for multiple deities.... As the prototype of the earthly king, there were as many Horus gods as there were rulers of Egypt, if not more." Page on on the most famous of the Egyptian gods, the sky god Horus, ... More »

Gods and Goddesses - Ancient Egypt


Amun, Anubis, Aten, Atum. Bastet, Bes, Geb, Hapy. Hathor, Horus, Isis, Khepri. Khnum, Ma'at, Nephthys, Nun. Nut, Osiris, Ptah, Ra. Ra-Horakhty, Sekhmet

114 Gods of Ancient Egypt, Ägyptische Götter


Contains information and details on 96 Egyptian gods and goddesses. Describes religion, way of life, clothing and includes myths and pictures to accompany ...

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There were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of ...

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Human and semihuman forms of some of the chief Egyptian deities: 1) Horus, son of Osiris, a sky god closely connected with the king. 2) Set, enemy of Horus ...

Ancient Egyptian Gods - The Children's University of Manchester


Anubis. Bastet. Bes. Horus. Isis. Osiris. Ra. Sekhmet. Seth. Thoth. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods. They were often shown with animal heads to ...

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Q: Who Is the Egyptian God of Funerals?
A: In ancient Egypt, priests dedicated to the funerary gods presided over elaborate rituals of embalming and mummification. The chief god of these rituals is usual... Read More »
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Q: Who was the Egyptian God of wheat?
A: There is no Egyptian god of wheat, however there is an Egyptian god of grain. The name of this god was 'Neper' He was sometimes called 'Neper the reaper' becaus... Read More »
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Q: What was the egyptian god of the dead?
A: Osiris Read More »
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Q: Who was the Egyptian god of the dead.
A: Anubis was the god of mummification and embalming; Osiris judged the dead and lived in the underworld. Osiris and Anubis were both gods of the dead. Read More »
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Q: Who is the Egyptian god ra.
A: I am pretty sure he is the main Egyptian god. He is also the Egyptian god of the sun. He made man kind with his tears. It is believed in ancient Egypt that the ... Read More »
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