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This is a list of Egyptian gods and goddesses from Egyptian mythology. The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods at different times and in different places.

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Amun, Anubis, Aten, Atum. Bastet, Bes, Geb, Hapy. Hathor, Horus, Isis, Khepri. Khnum, Ma'at, Nephthys, Nun. Nut, Osiris, Ptah, Ra. Ra-Horakhty, Sekhmet

114 Gods of Ancient Egypt, Ägyptische Götter


Contains information and details on 96 Egyptian gods and goddesses. Describes religion, way of life, clothing and includes myths and pictures to accompany ...

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There were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of ...

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Religion and mythology in Ancient Egypt: articles about the religion of ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and some of the most popular ...

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As Zeus in Greek, Amun-Ra or Amon in Egypt is considered as Kings of Gods and Goddesses. Believed as the Father of the Pharaohs, Amun's female version is ...

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Egypt was ruled by numerous gods and goddesses (about 2000). Learn all about the Egyption gods + an overview of the most important ones.

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Meet the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt here at National Geographic Kids ! Find out about Anubis, Ra, Tefnut and more fascinating deities.

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The complete A-Z index of Egyptian Gods, Goddesses, spirits, demons, legendary monsters and other characters names from Egyptian mythology in ...

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Human and semihuman forms of some of the chief Egyptian deities: 1) Horus, son ... The Egyptian Pantheons of major and minor gods and goddesses follow the ...

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses for Kids
Long before the rise of Western civilization, ancient Egyptian civilization dominated the landscape. The ancient Egyptians had an advanced culture and they took their religion very seriously. As multitheists, they worshiped multiple gods and goddesses.... More »
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The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses represented aspects of the Egyptians' natural and “supernatural” surroundings and helped them understand its many ...

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The ancient Egyptians worshipped so many gods and goddesses that it would certainly be hard to count all of them! You'll be counting for ages, trying to figure ...

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Please select a name from the list below to view the Egyptian god's description. Ra. ra The god of the sun, Ra was the first pharaoh of the world, back in the days  ...