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Modius (headdress)

The modius is a type of flat-topped cylindrical headdress or crown found in ancient Egyptian art and art of the Greco-Roman world. The name was given by ...

Pharaoh Headdress Craft | Kids' Crafts |

Print out this Pharaoh headdress template. ... Take one of the side template pieces and apply glue on the entire area ... Ancient Egyptian Collar or Necklace.

Egyptian Headband | Printable Templates & Coloring Pages ...

Free printable Egyptian headband templates to color, cut and assemble into a wearable paper Egyptian headdress.

Pharaoh Headdress | Printable Templates & Coloring Pages ...

Free printable pharaoh headdress templates for making a wearable paper pharaoh ... Colored Pharaoh headdress template ... Egyptian headband template .

Pharaoh's Headdress - Activity Village

Great for an Ancient Egypt theme or perhaps for Bible studies. ... Pharaoh's headdress craft modelled by Sam. You will need: ... Pharaoh's headdress template.

Ancient Egyptian Headband Craft | Kids' Crafts |

Step 1 Egyptian Headband craft, 1. Choose from any of these Egyptian headband templates and print out your chosen template on ... Pharaoh Headdress craft.

Make an ancient Egyptian Headdress : Sketching the template.

Look for an outline of the headdress part of an ancient Egyptian Death Mask. Searching 'Anubis' also brings up some suitable images. There's a plethora of ...

Make an ancient Egyptian Headdress - Instructables

Want to make an Egyptian-like headdress? Short on sewing skills? You are not alone. Machine stitching usually strikes terror into our hearts and f...

How to Make Ancient Egyptian Headdresses | eHow

How to Make Ancient Egyptian Headdresses. In ancient Egypt, headdresses were a fashion accessory for many aristocrats, pharaohs and emperors. Egyptians ... Headdress Template&v=TaYsuubePt4
Sep 20, 2010 ... How to make an Egyptian headpiece ... Halloween Tutorial | Egyptian Pharaoh and Goddess w/ MadiMouse - Duration: 6:25. by Armando ...
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Q: How to Make an Egyptian Headdress.
A: 1. Cut out a trapezoid from card stock paper to measure 30 inches on the top side, 20 inches on the bottom side and 12 inches on the left and right sides. 2. De... Read More »
Q: How to Make an Egyptian Headdress for a Man.
A: Things You'll Need. Striped fabric (1 yard) or striped pillowcase. 1/2-inch wide decorative cord or dark ribbon. Stiff construction paper. Small twisted wire or... Read More »
Q: What was Isis the Egyptian god headdress?
A: Isis headdress is a throne and her name simply meant "seat" Read More »
Q: What is the name of an Egyptian headdress worn by Pharoahs?
A: There isn't a single name of them all. The. Egyptian Headdress. (also referred to as Head Crowns) that Pharaohs wore, had many different names and meanings to t... Read More »
Q: What type of headdress did ancient Egyptians wear?
A: they wore beaded headress with gold beads. Read More »