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crystal & our bodies ... about increased quantities of meth in your life) we've got the magic 8-ball. ... An 8-ball's got a little more than 14 quarters, or 3.5 grams.

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Discussion on the cost of an 8-ball in different parts of the US with replies from former ... Back to Crystal Meth & Methamphetamine Questions, Answers & Advice  ...

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eight ball. 3.5 grams of meth or coke. damn, that 8 ball is already gone! ... quantity of cocaine or crystal that weighs an eighth of an ounce, hence an "eight ball", ...

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What Is A Eight Ball. An 8 ball is a street term for an eighth of an ounce of meth, or 28 grams. So an 8 ball would be 3.5 ounces of meth. 8 ball of meth ...

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A synthetic drug, methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse and dependence. ... or - because of its clear, chunky crystals which resemble frozen water - "ice," "crystal," 64glass," or "quartz. ... 375 per 3.5 grams (refered to as an 8 ball)

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Mar 1, 2013 ... I bought eight balls (eighths of an ounce) and divided them up into smaller amounts to make a profit. I started selling crystal meth shortly after I ...

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of eight ball is. The slang word ... Definitions include: Crack, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, or etc. Colombian ...

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Aug 8, 2002 ... High purity crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice or glass, ..... where it was being sold for $300 per eight ball (one-eighth ounce).

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Jun 3, 2002 ... An Experience with Cocaine, Crystal Meth. ... I had only been doing this stuff for 2 weeks and was doing an 8 ball a day, almost every day.

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Methamphetamine. Brand/Generic Names: ... crystal, meth, speed, ice, crank. Where it comes from: primarily ... 8 Ball (1/8th oz., approx. 3.5 grams). $120. Ounce.

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An eighth of an ounce. Almost exactly (or as near enough as to make no difference) 3.5 grams if ... How much does crystal meth cost in Ca? How much does ...

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Find information about Crystal Meth Prices. ... A 16th (which is a gram and 3/4 of a gram) is around $120.00 and an 8 ball which is 3 1/2 grams is $200.00.

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Crystal meth (rock form, 5-6 crystals a gram): $400 and upwards a gram ... I am in Sydney and I am getting an 8-ball (3.5grms) for $120 cut 3:1 ...