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Apr 4, 2013 ... Editor's Note: Modern technology has brought us a new kind of rape whistle – an electrified bra that shocks anyone who touches it and sends ...


Sep 7, 2013 ... From an anti-rape Condom to anti-rape Bra, check out these crazy anti-rape ... condom to be worn by women, comes with jagged teeth that will dig into ... created “anti-rape underwear” that will deliver electric shocks and alert ...


Apr 24, 2013 ... Condoms with teeth or electric shock underwear are not a permanent ... We could be wearing a bra that has a machine gun built into it, and that ...

Jun 21, 2010 ... A South African doctor, Dr.Sonnet Ehlers says she has created a female condom intended to deter rapists.


Jun 21, 2010 ... South African Dr. Sonnet Ehlers was on call one night four decades ago when a devastated rape victim walked in. Her eyes were lifeless; she ...


Feb 20, 2014 ... Dubbed Electric Eel, the prototype was created by Firaz Peer and Andrew ... Dubbed Electric Eel, the digital condom prototype, pictured here around a ..... revealing she lost front teeth due to stress Looked radiant at the screening .... Ashley Graham busts out of an animal print bra as she performs Shania ...


Feb 7, 2016 ... Rape aXe - Teeth Condom ... from NIFT, the anti-molestation jacket discharges 110 volts of electricity towards the attacker. ... Anti-Rape Bra.


Rapex, a Female Condom-Like Anti-Rape Device - Softpedia ..... of the perpetrator. www.examiner.com/article/condom-with-teeth-rape-axe-gets- medieval-on-rapists-video ... 1 pc/s New Woman Girl Anti Wolf Anti-Rape Self- Defense Electronic Alarm Lovely Angel ... Wearable technology: The bra designed to shock attackers.


Explore Female Condom, Young Adults and more! ...... can cause early abortion. See more. Electric Bras and Condoms With Teeth are Totally Missing the Point.