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An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects ... The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by ..... However the general case of a static EM field with both electric and magnetic components present, is the ... See also near-field communication.


Electric fields and magnetic fields are both present near a charged atom? Electric fields and ... if charge particle is in motion ,then it has magnetic field. 1 person ...


Electric fields and magnetic fields are both present near a charged atom? ... is a coil of a wire that when carrying an electric current produces a magnetic field?


The flow of an electric current down a conducting wire is ultimately due to the movement of ... the mobile charges are electrons, and the stationary charges are atoms. ... The force is directed at right-angles to both the magnetic field and the ...


It produces an electric field because it's a charge particle. ... What makes it produce a magnetic field when it starts moving? ... It says the current charges will appear closer together. ..... Atomic explanation of magnetic field.


Electric current originates from which part of an atom? A), nucleus .... C), The electric field is established at near the speed of light in a circuit. ... B), Both magnets and electrical charges establish fields. ... A), The motion of a magnetic field.


That's just the way nature acts. Perhaps the question should be: How does physics model a ... The electric and magnetic fields are both part of the antisymmetric 'Maxwell tensor' ... a positive charge kept close to a current carrying wire will not experience any force due to ... Are the charges moving at an atomic level in them?


Like gravitational fields, electric fields are a field of force that act from a ... Just like magnetic and gravitational fields, the separation of the lines tell us the ... A static uniform electric field can be established at points very close to a charged sheet. ... uniform electric field in the dielectric medium present in between its plates.


... of the gravitational force near the surface of Earth is F = mg, the gravitational field ... Charged particle produce electric fields and are acted on by electric fields. ... The magnetic field B produced by a current flowing in a coil is shown below. ... F is perpendicular to the plane that contains both v and B. The magnitude of F is F ...


2) A second current or charge responds to the magnetic field and ... Magnetic north and south pole's behavior is not unlike electric charges. ... a magnet near a conducting loop can ... atoms. - Inside a magnetized body (permanent magnet) there is a ... If charged particle moves in region where both, E and B are present:.