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A magnetic field is the magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic ... In everyday life, magnetic fields are most often encountered as a force ...... The negative sign...

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Electric. &. Magnetic. Fields. EMF. Compliments of Duke Energy ... present, fields of magnetic force occur. For example ... are typically stronger than those fields .... Association means that two or more events can be joined or linked together.

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any kind of electricityelectric fields and magnetic fields. Electric and ... They occur throughout nature and in our own bodies. The .... Scientists often look for.

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Nov 3, 2010 ... Physicists, being clever, generally label the magnetic field as "B" and ... them together is strong enough to balance the electric force pushing them apart? ..... same thing is easily demonstrated to occur when measuring waves.

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Magnetic and electric fields exist nearly everywhere, and the following is a brief ... If two protons "tied" together were substituted for the single proton, they would ... that no direct electric repulsion (or attraction) usually occurs between the wires.

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Jul 14, 1999 ... While electric field lines begin on positive charges and end on ... The magnetic field at a point is in the direction of the force a north pole of a ... For N loops put together to form a flat coil, the field is just multiplied by N: ... The maximum force, F = qvB, occurs when v and B are perpendicular to each other.

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Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced both naturally and as a result of .... level of exposure is likely to occur; the permitted levels of exposure are somewhat ... For small lines on wooden poles, the fields generally fall away over .... individuals or together as a society -on what actions to take in response to the risks.

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Sep 4, 2014 ... Ampère's law · Electric current · Magnetic field · Magnetic flux · Biot–Savart ... co- acting vertical waves oscillating and propagating together, they carry .... Rather, the field is typically smooth and continuous everywhere, and can be .... The magnetic force on a charge only occurs when the charge is moving ....

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Jul 6, 2016 ... Electricity and electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) ... EMFs can occur separately or together. ... When you are inside your home, the magnetic fields from high voltage power lines and transformer boxes are often weaker than ...

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Feb 14, 2013 ... I just generally dont understand why moving electrons create ... Changing electric fields generate magnetic fields and changing magnetic fields ... and magnetism is the relativistic squashing together of charge, but I've also ...

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Electric fields and magnetic fields often occur together.? Electric fields and ... Who discovered electric field produces a magnetic field? faraday. 2 people found  ...

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Electric and magnetic fields are produced by any wiring or equipment carrying electric .... Generally, magnetic fields decrease to around 0.1 μT (1 mG) within 50 –100 metres of the line. Near street ... lower than currents which occur naturally in the body. ..... However, they have concluded that, taken together, the evidence.

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... these fields are generally so weak as to be imperceptible, their potential effect on the human body has been ... Today, electric and magnetic fields are much better understood and documented than they were a few ..... all of the studies are evaluated together, the evidence .... This can occur when a person stands directly .