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A journey seen through the eyes of a young woman with epilepsy that brings extraordinary hallucinations as she searches for her long lost brother... More>>


Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Electricity gives a wide variety of well-known effects, such  ...

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Electricity surrounds us and can be used thousands of different ways. Learn about the basics of electricity, from generators and electrical circuits to voltage and ...
Experiments with electricity had captured the imagination throughout the 1700s, but there wasn't any great practical importance attached to it. All that changed in the early 1800s, and soon the telegraph, telephone, electric light, electric motors, and countless other ... More »

The Energy Story - Chapter 2: What Is Electricity?

Electricity figures everywhere in our lives. Electricity lights up our homes, cooks our food, powers our computers, television sets, and other electronic devices.

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Coal, nuclear, and renewables expected to boost Vietnam's electricity capacity ... Electricity from natural gas surpasses coal for first time, but just for one month.

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Electricity for kids - and everyone else: A simple introduction!

Apr 1, 2015 ... A simple introduction to electricity and electromagnetism, including a timeline and further reading.

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Obviously "electricity" cannot be several different things at the same time. Unfortunately we've defined the word Electricity in a crazy way. Because the word  ...

Electricity is the result of the presence and flow of electric charge. Lightning, static and electrical current are all manifestations of this phenomenom.
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