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While the most acute exposures to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation are immediately ...

WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?


Low-frequency electric fields influence the human body just as they influence any .... that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health.

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The natural world, including your body, produces electromagnetic fields. But these fields are low in ... How Are Electromagnetic Waves Dangerous? Bioelectrical signals help to regulate many processes of the human body. In fact, science ...

Neuroscientist Confirms the Danger of Electromagnetic Radiation


Nov 25, 2014 ... Electromagnetic radiation is a serious concern in this day and age, and research is showing that it may be contributing to a host of preventable ...

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Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated by currents running through electric ... Cole asserted, "There is no relationship between EMFs and cancer in human ...

Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and Related Diseases


The dangers of electromagnetic radiation are a major factor in many diseases and health problems such as fibromyalgia, headaches, lyme disease, ADHD and  ...

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Too many electromagnetic fields surrounding us—from cell phones, wifi, and ... no scientist can explain why EMFs may be harmful in humans, a body of reliable  ...

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Jul 9, 2011 ... Beware of the top five sources of electromagnetic fields or EMF ... smart grids and smart meters are potentially harmful to your health. ... Transgenic Wars How GMOs Impact Livestock and Human Health Around the Globe.

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They penetrate the human body and cause radiation poisoning after nuclear events like melt downs. Very harmful. X-Rays penetrate skin and muscle but not ...

The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: What is Penetrating You?


The health hazards and spiritual effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, by ... often devastatingly harmful for the bodies of humans, trees, the atmosphere, etc.

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How Does Electromagnetic Radiation From Electronics Affect The Body? ... SAR describes the amount of energy from radiation absorbed by the human body ...

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May 27, 2016 ... A fact sheet about research on electric and magnetic fields and studies ... Human -made EMFs fall into both the ELF and radiofrequency categories of .... in animals have provided no evidence that Wi-Fi is harmful to health (7).

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Jan 15, 2013 ... “Smart meters are as harmful as all the inappropriately wired ... “This invisible poison wrecks human brains, causes sperm to ... Use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to promote healing by resonance with the Earth.