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Fungal functional diversity inferred along Ellenberg's abiotic ...


Ellenberg's abiotic gradients: Palynological evidence from different soil microbiota. – Grana 42: .... ecological group the species belongs to (Ellenberg et al. 1992 ...

RNASEK Is a V-ATPase-Associated Factor Required for Endocytosis ...


Jul 23, 2015 ... Loss of RNASEK alters the localization of multiple V-ATPase subunits and .... (D) Schematic of the V-ATPase (left) (Marshansky et al., 2014), with components ...... S.K. Chanda, J. Downward, J. Ellenberg, A.G. Fraser, N. Hacohen, et al. ... A.M. Aker, G. Savidis, S.E. Smith, A.E. Elia, A.R. Everitt, M. Vora, et al.

Non-technical books on probability


Everitt, Brian S. Chance Rules: An informal guide to probability, risk and statistics. Springer; 2nd edition, 2008. Ellenberg, Jordan. ... Shapiro, Amram et al.



Tax Law Center, et al. v. Babul · Ross et al. v. Waters · Gravitt v. Dr. Grossman · Bourque v. CNH America LLC · Dean v. Holliman · Richard Millard v. Sunstone ...

Latin lesson: etc. vs. et al. | Grammarly Blog


Etc. is short for 'et cetera,' which translates in Latin to 'and the rest' or 'and left over .' Use etc. when you're writing a list of things: I am going to bring pumpkin pie, ...

Method to Our Madness or Madness in Our Methods? Pitfalls in Trial ...


Jun 10, 2012 ... Lynch et al conducted a randomized phase II trial in patients with NSCLC to ... Janne et al report the results of a randomized phase II trial with erlotinib versus erlotinib plus chemotherapy in patients with .... Simon R,; Wittes RE,; Ellenberg SS .... Miguel A. Villalona-Calero,; Robert Kratzke,; Everett E. Vokes, ...

Early CPAP versus Surfactant in Extremely Preterm Infants — NEJM


May 27, 2010 ... Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Early CPAP versus Surfactant in Extremely Preterm Infants.

SAMHD1 Gene Mutations Are Associated with Cerebral Large ...


Sep 15, 2015 ... Copyright © 2015 Wei Li et al. ..... R. L. Sacco, J. H. Ellenberg, J. P. Mohr et al., “ Infarcts of undetermined cause: the NINCDS stroke ... P. Munot, Y. J. Crow, and V . Ganesan, “Paediatric stroke: genetic insights into disease .... Z. C. Hartman, A. Kiang, R. S. Everett et al., “Adenovirus infection triggers a rapid, ...

Table of contents : Nature Methods


Response to Lazzeroni et al. - p 108. Lewis G Halsey, Douglas Curran-Everett, Sarah L Vowler & Gordon B Drummond ... Pavel V Baranov & Audrey M Michel ... Gustavo de Medeiros, Nils Norlin, Takashi Hiiragi, Lars Hufnagel & Jan Ellenberg .

Assessing the Relationship between Ground ... - SageSTEP


[Miller et al., 2000; Miller and Tausch, 2001; Romme et al.,. 2009 .... method [ Mueller-Dombois and Ellenberg, 1974] which .... our land cover classes versus the I105 n1 pixel resolution [Karl ..... H. Everitt, J.C. Ritchie, M.S. Moran, D.T. Booth,.

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Herpesvirus Capsid Association with the Nuclear Pore Complex and ...


Apr 22, 2009 ... ... F. Pasteau, V. Labas, M. Fromont-Racine, J. Ellenberg, and V. Doye. ... Everett, R. D., S. Rechter, P. Papior, N. Tavalai, T. Stamminger, and A. Orr. 2006. ... Lee, J. H., V. Vittone, E. Diefenbach, A. L. Cunningham, and R. J. Diefenbach. .... T. Ohba, K. Nishii, K. Kuma, T. Hayashida, T. Miyata, U. Aebi, et al.

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This was associated with an increase in mean Ellenberg N value, suggesting that eutrophication has been a ... As an example, Bennie et al. (2006) examined long- term vegetation change in British .... to examine (v) which factors were responsible for any differ- ences observed. .... ing (NMMDS) (Everitt 1978). The ordisurf ...

Hypophosphorylated SR splicing factors transiently localize around ...


Apr 21, 2004 ... Paula A. Bubulya,1 Kannanganattu V. Prasanth,1 Thomas J. Deerinck,2 Daniel Gerlich,3 Joel ... Mark H. Ellisman,2 Jan Ellenberg,3 and David L. Spector1 ... Dundr et al., 1997; Dundr and Olson, 1998; Everett et al.,. 1999).