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An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy having an approximately ellipsoidal shape and a smooth, nearly featureless brightness profile. Unlike flat spiral galaxies ...

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Aug 15, 2013 ... Elliptical galaxies are dim collections of older stars, so they don't shine as brightly as spiral galaxies.

elliptical galaxy
a type of galaxy having the shape of a spheroid or ellipsoid, rather than a disk.
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Elliptical galaxies are also named because of their shapes. Elliptical galaxies range from circular (remember, a circle is an ellipse!) to long, narrow, and ...

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Elliptical galaxies are shaped like ellipses (stretched circles). They are divided into eight types: E0-E7 depending on how elliptical they are. E0 ellipticals are ...

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Dec 5, 2012 ... Elliptical galaxies are among the largest single star systems in the universe and are built by the collisions of many smaller galaxies.

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Aug 15, 2013 ... Most of the galaxies observed by astronomers are spiral galaxies. ... The dim light from the older stars can make the bulge difficult to ... That honor goes to elliptical galaxies, which spirals are thought to ultimately degrade into.

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The study of galaxy formation and evolution is concerned with the processes that formed a ... When a galaxy forms, it has a disk shape and is called a spiral galaxy due to spiral-like "arm"...

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Dec 27, 2010 ... Therefore, according to this model, this is the only way a spiral galaxy can turn into an elliptical. But the new theory, called secular galaxy ...

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A: In large part, it's because low angular momentum is precisely what makes it an elliptical galaxy. If the primordial gas cloud that collapsed to form the ... Read More »
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A: According to Wikipedia: An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy having an approximately ellipsoidal shape and a smooth, nearly featureless ... Read More »
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A: The short answer is that it's because there are more stars at the centre of the galaxy than in the outskirts. This is compounded by the fact that you'r... Read More »
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A: Why is elliptical not a shape category of Galaxy? Maybe I don't understand your question. The largest of all galaxies are elliptical. Galaxy shapes explain... Read More »
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A: Essentially, you want to say that a particular class of astronomical object has subclasses, if and only if it shows a bimodal or muli-modal distribution in som... Read More »
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