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Life expectancy for patients with end-stage COPD varies widely based on a number of factors, explains the Lung institute. Approximately 90 percent of patients with the most severe ...

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End Stage COPD: What Does This Really Mean? - Healthline

Oct 1, 2013 ... There are four different stages of COPD. Patients with "end stage" or "stage IV" COPD can live for years, even with severely compromised lung ...

Has anyone referred to you as being in "End Stage" COPD?

Dec 7, 2014 ... Stages of COPD - Stage 4 or "End Stage" ... I was able to survive for another 11 years in so-called "end stage", and finally went for the ...
Nutritional counseling -- This may be suggested as malnutrition is a common complication in end stage COPD and increases the risk of death. Psychological and social support -- These are an important aspect of treatment, as many patients do not discuss end-of-life issue... More »
By Deborah Leader, RN, Guide

COPD: When the End is Approaching -

Jun 2, 2010 ... My mother has end-stage COPD and recently, she was worrying herself sick wondering how she would know the end was approaching and ...

End of life care in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: in search ...

Many barriers hinder the provision of good end of life care in COPD, including the .... Patients in the late stages of COPD are often housebound, but receive little ...

COPD Prognosis for Early and Later Stages - WebMD

WebMD discusses the prognosis for people with COPD, whether they're in the ... exercise regimen because of a little breathlessness at the end -- all those are ...

The last year of life of COPD: a qualitative study of symptoms and ...

For those with severe COPD prognosis can be very poor. A palliative care approach has been advocated in the management of end-stage COPD but our ...

Stage 4 COPD | A Caregiver's Guide to Stage IV COPD -

Read our caregiver's guide on stage 4 COPD for helpful action steps, tips on how to ... become fatalistic and act as if it's time to give up and prepare for the end.

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