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2012 phenomenon


"21 December 2012" and "2012 December 21" redirect here. For general ... Others suggested that the date marked the end of the world or a similar catastrophe.

End of the world December 21, 2012? - Time and Date


The Mayan calendar finishes one of its great cycles in December 2012, which has fueled countless theories about the end of the world on December 21, 2012 at ...

Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End - NASA


"The Maya calendar did not end on Dec. 21, 2012, and there were no Maya prophecies foretelling the end of the world on that date." › Read More About the ...

The End of the World December 21, 2012 - YouTube


Nov 17, 2012 ... The End of the World December 21, 2012 ..... i dont believe the end is coming because they said this was going to happen every 2 years so its ...

The types of predictions for the year 2012 vary but normally include various cataclysmic events such as meteor impacts and ecological collapse, and events like sudden changes in human evolution, a spiritual transformation of the Earth, a reversal of Earth’s magnetic fie... More »
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December 21 2012 | The Beginning of the End


NO,The world did not end in 2012, but the world as we know it did. Just as the Mayans predicted, Dec 21 2012 marked the The Beginning Of The END.

End of World in 2012? Maya "Doomsday" Calendar Explained


Dec 20, 2011 ... It's remotely possible the world will end in December 2012. ... years starting in 3114 B.C.—reaches the end of a cycle on December 21, 2012.

2012 End-of-the-World Countdown Based on Mayan Calendar ...


Dec 21, 2011 ... 2012 End-of-the-World Countdown Based on Mayan Calendar Starts ... We're one year away from Dec. 21, 2012, the date that the ancient ...

Nasa explains why the end of the world is not coming on December 21


Dec 13, 2012 ... An accompanying post on the agency's website, titled Beyond 2012: Why the World Won't End, says that 21 December this year has been ...

LIVE UPDATES: The End of World, Dec. 21, 2012 - ABC News


Dec 20, 2012 ... The world, according to one widely debunked theory, is slated to end on Dec. 21. Around the world the paranoid are readying themselves for ...

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Q: End of the world december 21 2012?
A: The 2012 phenomenon is a range of beliefs according to which cataclysmic or Read More »
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Q: End of the world December 21, 2012?
A: are you kidding. it can't be possible. it was not completely prooved by the MAYA dynasty. so, just relax and live every moment of your life. don't think about t... Read More »
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Q: The End of the World: December 21, 2012?
A: Lots of people 'say' the Mayan calendar predicted things, but they have yet to provide any proof. 21st December 2012 is when the Mayan Long Count calendar click... Read More »
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Q: The end of the world December 21, 2012?
A: here ya go, enjoy your 4 remaining years. the rest of us will enjoy our remaining decades: heres my generic answer because i am so sick of addressing this quest... Read More »
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Q: End of the world December 21, 2012?
A: Year 1000-End time war to break out, nothing happened. Year 1666-The number 666 made some people fear the end. Nothing happened 1980s-World to end during the 80... Read More »
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