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Energy from the sun travels to the earth's surface is brought hereby electromagnetic radiation. Once the radiation reaches theplanet, most of it is converted to ...

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Heat energy from the sun reaches the Earth through a heat transfer process ... The atmosphere absorbs the heat, keeping it close to the Earth's surface where.

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The sun's energy is able to reach Earth as it is electromagnetic, which allows it to move through space, and it travels in straight lines, which means it hits Earth. ... miles per second, allowing it to move fast enough to reach the Earth's surface.

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Jul 12, 2004 ... The land and water at Earth's surface may act to either reflect energy or absorb it. Light colored surfaces are more likely to reflect sunlight, while ...

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When the Sun's energy moves through space, it reaches Earth's atmosphere and finally the surface. This radiant solar energy warms the atmosphere and ...

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You are wrong, but not completely wrong. Powerful EM waves (gamma rays) are indeed ... The surface has temperature of about 6000 K, so the waves that leave it are mainly visible ... And is this form the energy of the Sun reaches the Earth. ... Light from the sun travels in the form of radiation and enters Earth's atmosphere.

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Solar energy is energy from the sun. When the sun's energy reaches the earth in the form of sunlight, it can be converted ... How does the sun's energy travel to earth? ... In one hour, the sun provides more energy to the Earth's surface than the ...

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Electromagnetic energy from the sun comes to Earth in the form of radiation. The term "radiation" ... Thus we say that light, heat, etc., travel in the form of waves. Wavelength can ..... in a leaf. Our eyes register this as the leaf surface being green.

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Practically all of the energy that reaches the earth comes from the sun. ... Energy is transferred between the earth's surface and the atmosphere in a variety of ...

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The heat source for our planet is the sun. Energy from the sun is transferred through space and through the earth's atmosphere to the earth's surface. Since this ...