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Epidural administration


Epidural administration is a medical route of administration in which a drug or contrast agent is ... Additionally, some of the side-effects of epidural analgesia may be beneficial in some circumsta...

Bad Long-Term Side Effects of an Epidural | LIVESTRONG.COM


Mar 22, 2011 ... However, some possible long-term side effects are associated with receiving an epidural. As with all invasive medical procedures, patients ...

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Epidural anaesthesia - Side effects - NHS Choices


Side effects and complications of an epidural ... out in 2010 found no increased risk associated with the use of epidural anaesthesia and long-term backache.

Long term effects of epidural - Netmums


Hi Just wondering if anyone has experienced any long term effects of the epidural? ... I had an epidural that diddnt work,and no lasting effects.

epidural and back pain - All About Epidural


The belief that that labor epidural can cause prolonged and even chronic back pain is ... The side-effect of this is that the spine becomes less stable and more ...

Using Epidural Anesthesia During Labor: Benefits and Risks


Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor. ... You should ask your care providers at the hospital about their practices in this regard. ... You might experience the following side effects: shivering, ringing of the ears ...

Natural childbirth V: epidural side effects and risks - Chris Kresser


Aug 5, 2011 ... Epidurals cause unintended side effects in both the mother and baby, and ... Prostaglandin F2 alpha levels should naturally rise during an undisturbed labor. ... associated with epidural births: long labors, forceps and cesareans. .... You don't fail your baby or the family if you get your labor pain treated.

Do epidurals have side effects? - Today's Parent


Jul 20, 2007 ... Finally, the epidural doesn't affect a newborn baby's breathing in the ... But like any other intervention, epidurals have potential, and proven, risks and side effects — which ... What do you need to know to make an informed decision about .... on how long the mother has the epidural and what medications are ...

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Q: Epidural long term side effects?
A: I had an epidural and I don't feel any differently afterward (it's been 3 months), but that's my experience. Side effects such as nerve damage are rare but CAN ... Read More »
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Q: What are the long term side effects of an epidural?
A: Possible long term side effects of an epidural: Arachnoiditis Persistent spinal fluid leak Avascular necrosis Read More »
Source: www.chacha.com
Q: What are the long term side effects of an epidural?
A: Some other long term side effects of an epidural are, Aggravation of diabetes and while extremely rare it is possible to sustain nerve damage from an epidural.! Read More »
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Q: Long term side effect of epidural ?
A: Side effects of epidural anesthetic are rare and ordinarily not dangerous. They include low blood pressure and problems with urinating. Nausea and vomiting can ... Read More »
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Q: Long Term Side Effects of an Epidural After Childbirth.
A: Epidurals are one of the most popular options for pain relief for laboring mothers. This type of anesthesia, according to americanpregnancy.org, is requested by... Read More »
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