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The Truth About Epidural Side Effects - Mama Natural


Many doctors won't tell you the epidural side effects, but you have the right to know before making your decision. Find out the truth about epidurals here.

Epidural Steroid Injections: Risks and Side Effects - Spine-Health


Analysis suggests that at least 50% of patients experience pain relief after an epidural steroid injection. Examine potential risks and side effects.

Natural childbirth V: epidural side effects and risks - Chris Kresser


Aug 5, 2011 ... Epidurals cause unintended side effects in both the mother and baby, and interfere with the natural birth process and bonding between mother ...

Epidurals: Fact vs. Fiction | Fit Pregnancy and Baby


Reality An epidural involves injecting pain-blocking medication into a space between the ... Perception Epidurals pose a high risk of serious side effects.

Epidurals: Real Risks for Mother and Baby – Birth International


Feb 10, 2016 ... Other side effects of epidurals vary a little depending on the particular drugs used . Pruritis, or generalized itching of the skin, is common when ...

Childbirth: Epidurals-Topic Overview - WebMD


Epidural anesthesia is the injection of a numbing medicine into the space around the ... It also reduces the chance of side effects related to a standard epidural.

Do epidurals have side effects? - Today's Parent


Jul 20, 2007 ... But like any other intervention, epidurals have potential, and proven, risks and side effects — which aren't as widely known as the benefits.

Epidurals: risks and concerns for mother and baby - Sarah Buckley


Many of the epidural side effects mentioned below are not improved with low- dose or walking epidurals, because women using these techniques may still ...

Pregnancy and birth: Epidurals and painkillers for labor pain relief ...


Jul 19, 2012 ... An epidural can be used to deliver different types of local anesthetic, which also differ in the side effects that they cause. Some drugs may ...

Bad Long-Term Side Effects of an Epidural | LIVESTRONG.COM


Mar 22, 2011 ... However, some possible long-term side effects are associated with receiving an epidural. As with all invasive medical procedures, patients ...

What Are the Side Effects of an Epidural?
Many pregnant women look toward an epidural as their saving grace once the pain of labor sets in. The anesthesia is used in hospitals by over 50 percent of women in labor, according to the American Pregnancy Association. The localized procedure allows... More »
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Using Epidural Anesthesia During Labor: Benefits and Risks


Less than 1% of women experience this side effect. If symptoms persist, a procedure called a “blood patch”, which is an injection of your blood into the epidural ...

Epidural anaesthesia - Side effects - NHS Choices


There are numerous potential side effects that can occur after having an epidural, including low blood pressure, loss of bladder control and backache.

Epidural Side Effects - Dr. Axe


Whether you are pregnant, or looking to become pregnant, do your research in advance; weigh your options, and learn the truth about epidural side effects...