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Types of Epileptic Seizures
Epilepsy is a condition that occurs when there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This increase in electrical activity causes mild or severe seizures. If you have two or more seizures you may be diagnosed with epilepsy. There are various kinds... More »
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Epileptic seizure


An epileptic seizure (colloquially a fit) is a brief episode of signs or symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain.

Common Epilepsy Causes and Seizure Triggers - WebMD


Apr 18, 2015 ... WebMD explains the causes of epilepsy and what can trigger seizures. Also, find out about the connection between epilepsy and head injuries, ...

Symptoms and causes - Epilepsy - Mayo Clinic


Nov 22, 2014 ... Because epilepsy is caused by abnormal activity in brain cells, seizures can affect any process your brain coordinates. Seizure signs and ...

Researchers announced last week that a simple observational technique might assist in determining the localization point. The neurophysiological and imaging tests used to locate the point of a seizure are very expensive. People with temporal lobe seizures often develo... More »
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What Happens During A Seizure? | Epilepsy Foundation


Seizures have a beginning, middle, and end. Not all parts of a seizure may be visible or easy to separate from each other. Every person with seizures will not ...

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Apr 15, 2014 ... Learn about epilepsy, or seizure disorder. Causes include head injury, trauma, prenatal injury, poisoning, medications, stroke, heart attacks, ...

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The difference between these types is in how and where they begin. A new way of naming seizures has been developed by epilepsy specialists, but most often ...

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Epileptic seizures are caused by a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain. There are many different types of epileptic seizure. Any of us could potentially ...

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Aug 10, 2015 ... People with epilepsy tend to have recurrent seizures (fits). The seizures occur because of a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Is this is an epileptic seizure?
A: All auras are different, just ad many people's seizures are unique to them. The only way to tell what is happening is for you to see a neurologist, and have app... Read More »
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Q: Was this an epileptic seizure?
A: There are many different seizures, and it could potentially have been a simple/focal seizure. Or it could have been sleep paralysis (when we go to sleep/wake up... Read More »
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Q: What is a epileptic seizure?
A: An. epileptic seizure. is a transient symptom of excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain. Read More »
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Q: What are Epileptic seizures are caused by?
A: Caused by brain tumors or meningitis. No one knows for sure what would cause them in the first place. Read More »
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Q: What triggers epileptic seizures?
A: Seizures can be caused by lack of sleep, watching flashing or strobe lights, low Read More »
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