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The Epley maneuver or repositioning maneuver is a maneuver used to treat benign paroxysmal ... The patient's head is then rotated 90 degrees to the opposite direction so that the opposite ear faces the floor, all while maintaining the ...


INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATIENTS AFTER OFFICE TREATMENTS. (Epley or Semont maneuvers). 1. Wait for 10 minutes after the maneuver is performed before ...


PATIENT INFORMATION. BENIGN PAROXYSMAL ... Semont or Epley maneuver – a series of head-‐turning maneuvers done in the doctor's office and at home ...


The Epley and Semont maneuvers, named for their inventors, are treat- ments that are ... 15 minutes and alleviates symptoms in about 80 percent of patients. /.


Epley Maneuver for Benign Positional Vertigo. 1. Lie down on your back, turn head to left for 1 minute. 2. Then turn head to right for 1 minute. 3. Turn whole body ...


Easy to perform. • Repositions “crystals”. • Explain to patient beforehand. • Some post-manoeuvre instructions also. – See separate patient handout also ...


Instructions For Patients After Office Treatment (Epley or. Semont Maneuvers). 1. Wait for 10 minutes after the maneuver is performed before going home.

Nov 23, 2010 ... How to do the Epley Maneuver ... Epley Maneuver: Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo - Duration: 7:09. physicaltherapyvideo ...


We often recommend the home Epley to our patients who have a clear diagnosis. ... The method (for the left side) is performed as shown in the handout.


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