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Equilateral triangle


The area formula A = 3 4 a 2 {\displaystyle A={\frac {\sqrt {3}}{4}}a^{2}} A = \frac{\ sqrt{3}}{4}a^ in terms of side length a ...

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An equilateral triangle is a triangle with all three sides of equal length a ... can be computed directly from the formulas for a general regular polygon with side ...

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Area of an Equilateral Triangle. The formula is given below. Equilateral Triangle. s = length of a side. See also. Equilateral triangle. this page updated 21-feb-16

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A method of calculating the area of an equilateral triangle using a simplified formula.

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Finding the formula for the area of an equilateral triangle with side s.

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... altitude Equilateral Triangles. Given 1 unknown you can find the unknowns of the triangle. ... Formulas and Calculations for a equilateral triangle: Perimeter of ...

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Equilateral triangle, definition, perimeter, area, height and apothem of an equilateral triangle, formulas, examples, exercises and problems with solutions.

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Calculations of geometric shapes and solids: Equilateral Triangle (Regular ... Formulas: h = √3 / 2 * a p = 3 * a. A = a² * √3 / 4 rc = √3 / 3 * a ri = √3 / 6 * a

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Calculates the area, perimeter and height of an equilateral triangle given the side .

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This tasks examines how to calculate the area of an equilateral triangle using high school geometry, further developing ''8.G Areas of geometric shapes with the ...

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Equilateral Triangle Equations Formulas Calculator - Perimeter ...


Geometry calculator for solving the perimeter of an equilateral triangle given the length of a side.

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Enter side, perimeter, area or altitude of equilateral triangle then choose a missing value and the calculator will show you a step by step explanation how to find ...

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An equilateral triangle has 3 sides whose length are equal. The equilateral triangle has all the 3 internal angles equal to 60<sup>o</sup>. Equilateral Triangle Formulas are ...