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About ERA Calculator. The online ERA Calculator is used to calculate the ERA ( earned run average) used in baseball statistics.


Earned Run Average (ERA) is a baseball metric used put a pitcher's number of runs earned while he was pitching in comparison to the number of innings that ...


Batting Average Calculator | Slugging Percentage Calculator. EARNED RUN ... ERA = (earned runs) / (innings pitched) * (number of innings in regulation game).


ERA Calculator. Earned run average (ERA) 7 Innings is a measure of a pitcher's performance obtained by dividing the total of earned runs allowed by the total of ...


This calculator is designed to give the ERA (earned run average) of data entered.


If you're a baseball fan, this ERA calculator might be right up your alley. It finds the value of the Earned Run Average - a metric that measures the effectiveness of ...


ERA (Earned Run Average) is the average number of earned runs a pitcher has allowed per every 9 ... You will have three numbers to use in your calculation.


Mar 26, 2015 ... This ERA calculator estimated the earned run average used in baseball statistics by taking account of total no. of earned runs and no. of innings ...


This quick lesson will show you how to calculate ERA and provide a few example of ... The earned run average can be calculated using the following formula: ...