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Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock. Soxx™ technology for stormwater management, sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal ... Filtrexx is the industry leader and a global advocate in performance based sediment and ... Filtrexx Certified and its accompanying logo are Service Marks of Filtrexx International.


Filter socks used for erosion control are usually 12 inches in diameter, although 8 ... International, LLC. .... placed in an inverted V going up the slope, to reduce the velocity of water .... University of Science and Technology, Ames, Iowa. Juries ... Log, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Engineering Services Division,.


Filtrexx® Bioswale is a permanent, vegetated, shallow ... water flow velocity and soil erosion, and increase .... available from Filtrexx International, and are the ..... V = (α1. /n) x R2/3 x S1/2. Where: V = mean velocity of flow (ft/sec, m/sec) ..... INTERNATIONAL, LLC AND MAY NOT BE COPIED, REPRODUCED OR DIVULGED ...


research, Filtrexx International LLC, Decatur,. Georgia. ... requiring that erosion and sediment control practices ..... using the compost filter sock technology for.


Dec 1, 2015 ... Control Soil Erosion with Ease. Soil retention walls have a dramatic effect on the health and stability of topsoil. Today, many states mandate the ...


Soil Erosion/Sediment Control, FODS Control Mat, FODS, LLC, 16-026, NC ... Bridge Deck - Joints, V-Seal, D. S. Brown Co. ... Bridges and Structures - Misc, Bridge in a Backpack, Advanced Infrastructure Technology, LLC, 10-025, Demo - 3 ... Construction - Misc, Dust Stop, Cypher International Ltd. 05-044, ES - NJDOT  ...


the regulations of most state agencies throughout the U.S. ... Calculating the Real Cost of Silt Fence vs. Filtrexx® Soxx™. Compare the complete cost of sediment control with Filtrexx® to that of Silt Fence on a typical 12-month, ... Filtrexx and the Branch and Leaf Logo are registered trademarks of Filtrexx International, LLC.


Founder and Inventor - Filtrexx International ... Green Horizons Environmental, LLC ... Filtrexx International has taken locally recycled organics in nearly every market ... lots represents future opportunity that the 'Filtrexx Technology' can help solve. ... Filtrexx is in high growth mode with a focus on the Erosion Control industry.


Evaluation of stormwater from compost and conventional erosion control ... construction activities 1.1 Filtrexx SiltSoxx™ sediment & perimeter control technology, http://www.filtrexx.com/ ..... socks vs. silt fence in sediment control applications. Journal ..... Faucette and Rod Tyler of Filtrexx, International, LLC; Nora Goldstein of ...