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Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger sometimes written as Erwin Schrodinger or Erwin Schroedinger, was a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results...

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Modern Atomic Theory: Models ... In 1926 Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist, took the Bohr atom model one step further. Schrödinger used mathematical ...

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Prize motivation: "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory" ... be regarded as both particles and waves, in 1926 Erwin Schrödinger formulated ...

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Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961) developed an “Electron Cloud Model” in 1926. It consisted of a dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of ...

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A powerful model of the atom was developed by Erwin Schrödinger in 1926. Schrödinger combined the equations for the behavior of waves with the de Broglie ...

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Erwin Schrodinger, 12 August 1887 – 4 January 1961, is well known for the Schrodinger Equation which he received a Nobel Prize in Physics for in 1933.

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The Physics of the Universe - Important Scientists - Erwin Schrödinger. ... physicist who achieved fame for his contributions to quantum mechanics. ... Physics, shared with Paul Dirac, “for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory”.

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Feb 18, 2016 ... Austrian theoretical physicist who contributed to the wave theory of matter and ... Erwin Schrödinger, (born August 12, 1887, Vienna, Austria—died ... If the atom decays, a device smashes a vial of poisonous gas, killing the cat.

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The quantum mechanical model is based on quantum theory, which says ... In 1926 Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist, took the Bohr atom model one step ...

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Austrian-born Erwin Schrödinger made a great number of contributions to science ... A: The modern atomic theory is a theory that all matter is composed of tiny ...