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Is it possible to tell a turtle's age by its shell markings?

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There are a variety of ways to approximate a turtle's age, and it's not difficult to do. ... to your veterinarian can also help you to estimate the age of your pet turtle.

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Usually, it can be inferred from the annual rings on the scales of a turtle's shell. Similar to tree's ... So we can count the rings on one scale to estimate the turtle's age, roughly. However, as the ring is caused by nutrition condition, it is not reliable ...

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Age estimation is important for management of turtle populations, but techniques ... alternative is to estimate age from growth models using Bayesian inference.

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Obviously, it's best to know when your turtle was hatched. This is the most reliable answer to your question. You can base some age estimates on the size of the ...

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The method of estimating age. The basic supposition in the present method of esti- mating age is that, ideally, the age of a painted turtle can be obtained by ...

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You can estimate a Chelonian's age in the following way. What you are really doing is a bit better than guessing. Find out what the adult size for the animal ...

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Oct 24, 2013 ... ... 10 years ago," is there any way that I can determine the age of my turtle? ... but I can't find any other information on how to estimate her age.

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Doug P. Armstrong and Ronald J. Brooks (2014) Estimating Ages of Turtles from Growth Data. Chelonian Conservation and Biology: July 2014, Vol. 13, No.

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No method exists for accurately determining the age of a turtle. ... Magazine: Turtle Age by Shell Markings · Herpetologica: Estimating Age of Turtles from Growth ...

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Live turtle or turtle shell; Flexible transparent ruler with millimeter scale; Copies of two diagrams: Measuring Turtle Length and Estimating Turtle Age from Scutes ...

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According to the California Turtle and Tortoise Club, it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate the age of a tortoise or turtle, unless it was acquired from an ...