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ETA an acronym for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna is an armed Basque nationalist and separatist ..... In December 2009, Spain raised its terror alert after warning that ETA could be planning major attacks or...

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After they left, a bomb planted by ETA exploded, scattering remains ... for the first time, to declare ETA a terrorist organization.

Terrorism In Spain: After Bomb Attacks, ETA Leaders Charged With ...


Oct 28, 2015 ... ETA Suspected Basque separatist rebel group ETA military chief Garikoitz Aspiazu Rubina covered by blanket, is driven by hooded police ...

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Oct 15, 2016 ... Despite the discovery of an arsenal of weapons belonging to ETA in a field north of Paris, few believe the Basque terrorist group has the ability ...

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Oct 20, 2011 ... Basque separatist organization in Spain that used terrorism in its campaign for an independent Basque state. ETA grew out of the Basque ...

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Sep 5, 2010 ... Spain, the United States and the European Union have listed Eta as a terrorist organisation. The Socialist government broke off peace talks ...

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Oct 21, 2011 ... THE mise-en-scène chosen by the leaders of ETA, the armed Basque separatist group, for their video declaration yesterday was very familiar.

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Mar 28, 2016 ... Militant Basque separatist group Eta called on Sunday for peace talks with the Spanish and French governments and the return of Eta prisoners ...

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Nov 17, 2008 ... A profile of ETA, a terrorist separatist group operating in the Basque regions of Spain and France.

ETA: the 'mother' of separatist terrorism


Nov 17, 1995 ... ETA: the 'mother' of separatist terrorism. If one had to choose the single most typical model of the British ethnic-separatist terrorist movement, ...