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Ever wonder why toilet seats in public restrooms have an open front ...


Jan 7, 2013 ... If you've ever wondered why toilet seat covers make a complete oval and toilet seats are open like a horseshoe, you are not alone.

Toilet seats: U-shaped in public, O-shaped at home. Why? (PHOTO)


Apr 23, 2013 ... Is the toilet seat U-shaped, like a horseshoe, with a gap in front? ... encyclopedia's tome on toilet seats, the subsection on open front toilet seats also ... If a public restroom has an automatic toilet-seat cover dispenser, the seat ...

Take Your Seat, Please - The Morning News


Nov 11, 2005 ... Question: Why do public toilet seats have a horseshoe or U shape to them, ... when the first fully effective flush toilets began to appear around London, ... “U” ( open-front model) versus “O” (closed-front model) is truly a battle of ... people, but it's also one of the greatest mental health regimens ever devised.

Why do toilet seats have lids? (drain, gas, cost, pipe) - House ...


So you can install a back massager if you ever wanted to... ... ... Interesting thread .... I have noticed public toilets do not have lids. Now I wonder about that. Rate this post positively ... Most commercial seats with no lids will have a front cutout though. These should still .... or opinions. This open thread is still ...

Toilet Seat Sanitation Stirs Emotions - The People's Pharmacy


Apr 9, 2015 ... Do toilet seats pose a risk of disease or is your kitchen counter a ... We never fail to be amazed at how worked up people get about public restrooms and toilet seats. ... that no one ever caught herpes (or any other STD) from a toilet seat. .... just to relieve themselves, it's no wonder there's pee on the seat.

10 Things to Consider When Using Public Restrooms « Orbit Islam


But in my travels, it has become clear that people don't understand how to ... Then why is it on the toilet seat and on the restroom floor approximately all the time? ... someone will be trying to open it) and you won't be the one smiling this time. ... You may just want to stand in line calmly because the person in front of yo...

Using Public Restrooms | Cerebral Palsy Daily Living


Sep 22, 2011 ... Taking your child to a public restroom is hard. I think it will serve you best by telling you this up front so that you will not feel defeated if you find yourself struggling ... Even with the travel seats that go over the toilet I have had difficulty. ... There is one problem and that is the ever present elongated toil...

Why Don't Americans Use Bidets? - Today I Found Out


Oct 6, 2014 ... So why has this popular bathroom fixture not caught on in the ... a basic model) and ridiculously easy to install toilet seat variety bidets, ... of people have no toilet access, with the result that “open defecation” ..... no wonder so many people can't poop in the public toilets. .... Do you ever have to clean a bi...

Women's Bathrooms in China -- The Honest Truth about Chinese ...


Mar 9, 2010 ... So have you ever seen those old women who, without any modesty, leave the door hanging wide open while doing something rather private then precede to not flush? ... Many Chinese people think public western toilets are disgusting ... climb onto the seat and squat just like using a regular Chinese toilet.

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Also, higher grade seats generally have a bigger opening. ... Depending on the space in your bathroom, European models are 17 1/2" from the mounts to the front .... 1214 AD: Construction for the first time of public toilets manned by ..... As a result, every Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt that you've ever seen has been a bootleg.

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Why Are Public Toilet Seats U-Shaped? | Mental Floss


Jun 16, 2015 ... Almost all public restrooms have what are called open front toilet ... Most private bathrooms, by contrast, have oval or round toilet seats .... This germophobe dreads the thought of ever sitting on a public toilet... even with toilet ...

Why do toilets in homes have full circle seats but public toilets have ...


Aug 28, 2013 ... To expand on that, some larger women will scoot tithe very front of the ... /ever- wonder-why-toilet-seats-public-restrooms-have-an-open-front.

Plumbing code recommends U-shaped seats for public restrooms ...


Jan 22, 2016 ... Ever wonder why public toilet seats are U-shaped? ... If you've ever used a public toilet, you've probably wondered why the seats tend to be an open U-shape, while toilets for home use have fully closed round or oblong seats. ... and either of the open front type or have an automatic seat cover dispenser.