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The existence of God is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion, popular culture and .... therefore, exist an omniscient superobserver, which perceives such things. Berkeley considered this proof of the existence of the Christian god.


Although there are some people who profess to be atheists, the Bible indicates that there is no such thing. Everyone knows that God exists, even though some ...


Evidence for God provides answers for skeptical doubts about the existence of God and the resources to be an intellectually-fulfilled Christian.


Apr 24, 2017 ... Atheists love to say blithely that there is no evidence for God. Virtually all believers intuitively understand that there is something off-kilter with ...


And there should be evidence - for example, this page describes a method that should produce incontrovertible evidence of God's existence. See also this page.


Proof That God Exists - Take a good look at nature, humanity, and Jesus and the question of God's existence seems obsolete! Read more!


Mar 20, 2014 ... Touted as evidence for inflation (a faster-than-the-speed-of-light expansion of ... That sounds a lot like Genesis 1:1 to me: “In the beginning God ...


Atheists like to avoid the burden of proof during debates, so they say they merely “lack” a belief in God. But this is not what their writings usually suggest.


Written by a former atheist, this article gives you six clear reasons to conclude that God exists. No arm-twisting. Concise and straightforward evidence answering ...


Dec 12, 2016 ... A RENOWNED theoretical physicist claims to have proof of God through theoretical particles.