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The concept of the spherical Earth dates back to Ancient Greece. Seeing high mountains in the distance before lower ground, the Earth creating a circular shadow during an eclipse and circumnavigation are all evidence of the Earth's sphericity.

Spherical Earth


"My conviction is that the Earth is a round body in the centre of the heavens, and ... probably provided the first observational evidence that the Earth was not flat, ...

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Aug 19, 2008 ... This is because the earth is round, and not flat: ..... @Austruth Yeah, well we wait for your proofs and evidence that such technology as "big ...

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One of the oldest proofs of the Earth's shape, however, can be seen from the ... Further proof of the Earth being round came after the voyage of Columbus.

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But on a round Earth, not only do the stars that you can see change as you .... So if you want proof that the earth is round, look at images of earth taken from ...

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Case in point, in a series of tweets posted two days ago, B.o.B said that the planet is not round. He went on and on offering “evidence” that Earth is flat.

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Dec 28, 2012 ... TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round ... There's not one shred of evidence that the earth is a spinning ball, not one. So you ...
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Apr 16, 2015 ... How to use spiritual connection and personal experience to find the truth in a sea of lies. The techniques used by the Illuminati to keep us ...

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He was also the first to observe that the shadow of Earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse is round. Even with his evidence, the world wasn't yet convinced, ...

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There can be no doubt from such evidence that the Earth is round, or more correctly, a "sphere." The word "round" refers to a circular shape, like the shape of a ...

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Q: How is the changing altitude of Polaris above the horizon is evid...
A: Hi. I am not sure that the procession of Polaris demonstrates Earth to be round, but it does indicate that the axis rotates over time. This was noticed many cen... Read More »
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Q: What evidence proves that Earth is round?
A: Pictures from space for one, the laws of gravity for two and the curved horizon for three - not to mention the planes that fly and ships that sail around the wo... Read More »
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Q: What evidence proves that Earth is round?
A: Answer Pictures from space for one, the laws of gravity for two and the curved horizon for three - not to mention the planes that fly and ships that sail around... Read More »
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Q: What was the first evidence that the earth was round and when was...
A: The first evidence that the world was round was when ships started to sail. The concept of the horizon at sea as Read More »
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Q: When was there SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the earth was round. no s...
A: Vincent G is correct. Eratosthenes calculated a size of the Earth which was in the right ball park. I think he also invented latitute and longitude. Some people... Read More »
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