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The Evil Spirit manifests as a womanly face on the pages of a book of spells and appears in The Care Bears Movie, where it ...


Uniting together, the Care Bears, Cousins, and John and Dawn chanted together, "We care!" with even Dark Heart joining them. He completely lost his evil when ...


Evil Care Bears, Take down as many bears as possible!

Sep 27, 2008 ... nice or evil u decide after watching this video! leave a comment too tell me! leave a comment!! or ill send the care bears to get u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_- ...
Feb 23, 2008 ... A set of singing carebears...pretty creepy to watch them interact.
Oct 26, 2009 ... ur television has been taken over by evil care bears.


Apr 1, 2005 ... When you think of the Care Bears, do you think of them as nothing more than annoying ... Cheer Bear, more than many other Care Bears, is shown using magical or mystical .... Why not take a look at another symbol of “evil”.


Evil Care Bears Characters | You are Grumpy Bear!! You aren't always in the best .


Grumpy Bear shows us how silly it is to let our grumpiness go too far. His rain cloud with heart-shaped raindrops means a little grumpiness is okay. "I'm not mad, ...


Evil Care Bears Characters | Care Bears Drawings.