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A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, .... In this particular time, fairies were reputed by the church as being 'evil' beings. Man...

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Dec 6, 2013 ... In Scottish stories, the Sluagh was composed of fairies who were thought to be the souls of evil people and those who died without being ...

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Evil Fairies in traditional folklore and fairytales, such as Banshees.

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Bogles - Generally evil-natured Goblins although they are more disposed to do harm ... Elves - In Scandinavian mythology the fairy people were elves and were  ...

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Apr 25, 2012 ... There were light fairies who were mostly good and dark fairies who were mostly evil. Still others were both friendly and hostile, helpful and ...

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Do Real Fairies and Nature Spirits Exist? Some say there are real fairies - called Nature Spirits who tend the plants. We investigate Faeries and Fairy Lore.

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Where did the beliefs and legends of the Fairy originate? ... while the residents were asleep) or having evil connotations, mainly from Christian propaganda.

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The term fairy is also loosely applied to such beings as brownies, gnomes, elves, .... The good ones are called fairies, elves, elle-folks, and fays; the evil ones are ...

Revolt of the Evil Fairies Ted Poston

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Revolt of the Evil Fairies. Ted Poston. The Grand dramatic offering of Booker T. Washington Colored Grammar School was the biggest event of the year in our ...

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Mar 22, 2011 ... Just a little story. Please subscribe, comment and message me. If you are a guy let me know what little thing you would like the chance to win.
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Evil Fairies. Fairies are a common theme in fantasy and legend but it may come as a surprise to many that the original Fairies of folklore were far from the sweet ...

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May 29, 2013 ... Disney and other Hollywood sanitizers have convinced everybody that fairies are benevolent wish-granters, or maybe environmental ...

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They can appear as animals and are usually controlled by a Mage for evil doings. Gwragedd Annwn - ( p. 'Gwageth anoon') These are Welsh water fairies, who ...