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The following is a list of contemporary ethnic groups. There has been constant debate over the classification of ethnic groups. Membership of an ethnic group ...

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An example of race is brown, white, or black skin (all from various parts of the world), while an example of ethnicity is German or Spanish ancestry (regardless of ...

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Ethnicity is defined as someone's cultural background or where they came from. An example of ethnicity is Arab or Indian. YourDictionary definition and usage ...

Race and Ethnicity Definitions: Social Minority vs. Social Majority ...


Identity and Human Grouping: Cultural, Ethnic, Racial & Gender. Ethnic Groups: Definition, List & Examples. Ethnic Cleansing: Definition & Examples.

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May 9, 2012 ... Race and ethnicity are related, but distinct. ... For example, recent genetic studies show skin color may drastically change in as few as 100 ...

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Ethnicity definition, an ethnic group; a social group that shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the ... Examples from the Web for ethnici ty

Example Patient Race and Ethnicity Questionnaire

www.albany.edu/sph/cphce/mrt_tools/staff_tools/English/Staff Administered Patient Questionairre.pdf

Example Patient Race and Ethnicity Questionnaire. Target Audience: Hospital admissions/registration staff. Purpose: This sample questionnaire, to be ...

Race and Ethnicity Classifications — State Data Center


Standards for reporting data about race and ethnicity provide consistent and ... Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, for example, Cambodia, ...

Largest Ethnic Groups in the United States


Largest Ethnic Groups in the United States according to the U.S. Census. ... "1": Included in the list of examples on the census questionnaire in 1990.

Ethnicity vs. Nationality vs. Race vs. Heritage vs. Culture


Mar 26, 2012 ... Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Heritage, Culture, Identity: these concepts can ... For example, a child born to naturalized U.S. citizens hailing from ...

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For example, various ethnic, "national," or linguistic groups from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Latin America, and Indigenous America have long been ...

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Ethnicity can be a challenging or confusing concept to describe. Through this lesson, you will learn a broad definition of ethnicity and explore...

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DEFINING THE NEW CRITERIA FOR ETHNICITY AND RACE ... Examples for translating the ethnicity and race choices into the recording options above:.