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Examples of dialogue conversations are found in novels, theatrical plays and films. Depending on the conversational style desired, these art forms feature natural dialogue that bes...

How to Write Dialogue
You might have an interesting story with compelling characters, but find you stumble when it comes to writing dialogue. Writing out conversations between two or more people is a skill that needs to be practiced and refined. The ability to write... More »
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Small Talk - Two Example Dialogs - Talk English

Small Talk - Two Example Dialogs. In this conversation, we initiated the conversation and talked about the other person. However, sometimes you will not have ...

Week 13 - Sample Dialogues

Sample Dialogues. Dialogues are conversations between two or more people and are written in the style of a play or drama.
Sometimes I needed a speech do three or four or five things at once--reveal what the character said but also what he thought he said, what he hid, what others were going to think he meant, and what they misunderstood, and so forth--all in his single speech." Then when ... More »
By Richard Nordquist, Guide

How to Write Short Story Conversations and Dialogue

Writing verbal conversations or dialogue is often one of the trickiest parts of creative ... conversations like the examples above, which are called direct dialogue:.

Dialogue Examples | Holly Lisle: Official Author Homepage

NOTE: If you've landed on THIS page instead of coming here from the dialogue workshop, realize that the dialogue examples are much more useful if you're ...

Dialogue - Examples and Definition of Dialogue - Literary Devices

Definition, Usage and a list of Dialogue Examples in common speech and literature. ... employ two or more characters engaged in conversation with each other.

Quotation Marks in Dialogue

For example: One engineer called the company's drug-testing program “a paranoid reaction.” DialogueConversation between Two or More People.

English Dialogues - Buying clothes

These free English dialogues give examples of English that you can use in real life ... Compelling Conversations This innovative book helps advanced English ...

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Q: What is an example of dialogue conversation between engineer and ...
A: Writing dialogue is not as hard as you're letting it seem. You have dialogue all the time - it's called talking. If you honestly cannot think of what your chara... Read More »
Q: What is an example of a dialogue conversation?
A: Dialogue (sometimes spelled dialog in North American English[1]) is a Read More »
Q: Can you give an example of dialogue conversation using possessive...
A: "It's mine (or ours).". "It's not yours. It's hers (or theirs).". Read More »
Q: Pls Give me some examples of stories with dialogue conversation.....
A: How about Romeo and Juliet? Except for the stage directions its basically all dialouge. Also, there's a philosophical story called "No Exit" by Sartre that is m... Read More »
Q: Can any one give me an example of a conversation or dialogues bet...
A: ShopK. "Hi there Bucko, didn't the phone work." Cust. "No this is a piece of junk." ShopK. "Well let me look at it, did you follow all the directions in the man... Read More »