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Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning ... to a word or morpheme from which a later word is derived. For example, Latin candidus, which means "...

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Etymology refers to (1) the origin or derivation of a word, and (2) the branch of linguistics concerned with the history of the forms and meanings of words.

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How to use etymology in a sentence. Example sentences with the word etymology. etymology example sentences.

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And that is the etymology of etymology. It is the study of the origins of words; how they evolved. Confused? Here is another example. The Ancient Greek word ...

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late 14c., "an instance typical of a class; a model, either good or bad, action or conduct as an object of imitation; an example to be avoided; punishment as a ...

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I had a brief conversation about "decimate" earlier - to me this is a compelling example. The etymology is from a brutal practice where 1 in 10 soldiers of a ...

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This etymological study improves your vocabulary. The strong ... examples are provided showing the role of the ROOT-WORD in a variety of words. Etymology is  ...

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One card will have the genuine etymology but the other two will have spoof ... This word is used today to describe complex calculations, for example in computer ...

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an explanation of where a word came from : the history of a word. : the study of word histories. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: ...

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Examples. In the entry hobbit: ===Etymology=== Coined by [[w:J. R. R. Tolkien| J.R.R. Tolkien]] in 1937. Ostensibly from {{etyl|ang|en}} ...

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etymology definition: The definition of etymology is the source of a word, or the study of the source of specific words. (noun) An example of etymology is tracing a  ...

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etymology, English words from Latin. ... came from Latin, and sometimes the words are coined (by poets or scientists, for example) directly from Latin words.

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A glossary of English folk etymology--foreign words changed to native words by ... For example, catercornered contains a strange chunk of sound before the ...