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A lipid is a fat-like molecule and is a major building block of the cells of animals. Reviewing examples of lipids can help describe the lipid molecule.

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Fats and oils predominantly are tri esters of glycerol and aliphatic fatty acids containing up to 22 carbon atoms. Waxes are esters of long chain fatty acids usually ...

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Lipids Definition; Characteristics of Lipids; Types of Lipids ... of Lipids; Function of Lipids; List of Lipids; Examples of Lipids.

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Sep 28, 2015 ... The main types of lipids are fats, oils, waxes, phospholipids and steroids. Fats are solid at room temperature. Some examples would be butter, ...

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The lipids are a class of biochemical compounds, many of which occur naturally in plants and animals. (Biochemical compounds are organic compounds that ...

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Example: The most common steroid is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor for making other steroids. Other examples of steroids include bile salts, estrogen, ...

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Lipids are diverse compounds that are insoluble in water. They store energy, protect against water loss, and form cell membranes.

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Oct 9, 2012 ... Lipids are molecules that contain hydrocarbons and make up the building blocks of the structure and function of living cells. Examples of lipids ...

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Apr 14, 2015 ... Your body uses lipids, or fats, for insulation, to cushion organs and as a source of stored energy. Dietary fats also help your body to absorb ...

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The lipids are a large and diverse group of naturally occurring organic .... The most common examples of such compounds are soaps and detergents, four of ...

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Lipids are the fatty or waxy molecules that make up the basic structure of many cells in both plants and animals. They go by other terms depending on where ...

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Some examples of lipids include cholesterol and steroids, vegetable oil, butter, phospholipids, waxes and fat-soluble vitamins. Lipids are compounds that are ...

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Jul 13, 2015 ... Steroids, waxes, vitamins, oils, and fats. Find more in : http://examples. yourdictionary.com/examples-of-lipids.html Hope this helped!