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In grammar, a modifier is an optional element in phrase structure or clause structure. A modifier ... Examples of the above types of modifiers, in English, are given below. It was [a nice house]. (a...

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Misplaced modifiers can make a sentence quite confusing. Reviewing examples of misplaced modifiers can help identify this common modifier error.

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When a modifier is an adjective, it modifies a noun or a pronoun. (In these examples, the modifiers are shaded, and the words being modified are bold).

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A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that functions as an adjective or adverb to limit, qualify, or clarify the meaning of another word or word group.

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Examples of sentence modifiers throughout a text are offered in an annotated version of the Text for Discussion: Annotation - Needle ...

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Adjectival Modifiers: The modifiers of adjective are called the Adjectival Modifiers. Examples: • A number of applications received for the jobs. • Puny and silent ...

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Examples of modifier in a sentence. In “a red hat,” the adjective “red” is a modifier describing the noun “hat.” In “They were talking loudly,” the adverb “loudly” is a ...

Dangling Modifiers


If not, it also is a dangling modifier. Examples of Dangling Modifiers: I was late for the school bus again. Running for the bus, my book fell in the mud. (Was the ...

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If it isn't clear in a sentence which term a modifier applies to, ... In these examples, the suggested rewritten versions are not the only possible ways to correct the ...

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However, though all adjectives and adverbs are modifiers, not all modifiers are adjectives and adverbs. Many modifiers are entire phrases. For example:.

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USAGE – Modifier problems. Misplaced Modifiers. A modifier should be placed next to the word it describes. Example. Note how the placement of the modifier ...

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In this lesson, we will explore the role of the modifier in the English language. You will learn how boring sentences would be without modifiers...

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Modifiers bring sentences to life by providing vivid description about things and actions. Regardless of length or form (words, phrases, or clauses), modifiers fall ...