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James Joyce in Ulysses (1922) coined the onomatopoeic tattarrattat for a knock on the door. It is listed as the longest ...

5 Examples of Onomatopoeia


The concept of onomatopoeia words can be difficult to understand without examples. Examples give you the chance to better understand the onomatopoeia  ...

Examples of Onomatopoeia for Kids


Onomatopoeia is word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to. See examples for kids here.

101 Onomatopoeia Examples | Reading Worksheets


Here is a HUGE list of ONOMATOPOEIC words used in complete sentences. You' ll love these original onomatopoeia examples. We have worksheets too.

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Examples of Onomatopoeia | List of onomatopoeic words and ...


Examples of Onomatopoeia is a Web site devoted to the exploration of onomatopoeic words and their usage in English language. On our website you will find ...

Onomatopoeia - Examples and Definition of Onomatopoeia


Definition, Usage and a list of Onomatopoeia Examples in common speech and literature. Onomatopoeia is defined as a word, which imitates the natural sounds  ...

onomatopoeia - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


onomatopoeia. Boom! Bang! Crash! When a word is formed from the sound that an associated thing makes, call it an example of onomatopoeia. In Greek ...

Onomatopoeia Examples and Definition - Literary Devices


Definition and a list of examples of onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically mimics or resembles the sound of the thing it describes.

Onomatopoeia in Literature: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson ...


In this lesson, we will explore onomatopoeia, one way that poets convey sound. When a poet uses onomatopoeia, the word, itself, looks like the...

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Q: Is this an example of onomatopoeia?
A: Yes, they are: 1. crash. 2. murmer. 3. creak. Good luck! Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Is this an example of onomatopoeia?
A: An onomatopoeia is a sound like: Drip. Plop. Ping. And so on. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Examples of onomatopoeia.
A: The train click-clucked, click-clucked monostonously over the rail. "Plop-plop-fizz-fizz, oh what a relief it is." -Alka Seltzer ad. "And, as in. uffish. though... Read More »
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Q: An example of onomatopoeia.
A: An onomatopoeia is a figure of speech where somewhere in the sentence, there is a sound word. An example of a sound word is: buzz. bang. boom. slap.  onomatopoe... Read More »
Source: www.answers.com
Q: What is the best example of onomatopoeia?
A: buzz, crackle, crunch, scrape, zap, pop, snap. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com