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Religious satire


Religious satire is a form of satire targeted at religious beliefs. From the earliest times, at least ... Robert Burns poem Holy Willie's Prayer (1785), which is an attack on religious hypocrisy...

Two Great Examples Exposing the Hypocrisy of So-Called ...


May 24, 2015 ... This past week we saw two examples in the news which perfectly ... After all, how dare the leader of the largest Christian religion on the planet ...

The shameful hypocrisy of our double standards on religion


May 8, 2015 ... Example #1: Frank Bruni's column on Wednesday took aim at the Catholic Church for hypocrisy. How can Pope Francis denounce gendered ...

Musings of an intrigued nobody: You might be a religious hypocrite if...


Mar 5, 2013 ... A couple of days ago I asked people on Twitter for their most hated examples of religious hypocrisy. Many people replied, and I'd like to thank ...

Why are all Christians hypocrites? Are all Christians hypocrites?


Also, two blatant examples of hypocrisy are recorded in the church. In Acts 5:1-10 , two disciples are exposed for pretending to be more generous than they were.

Hypocrites in the Church - Let Us Reason


Another example is certain cars go very fast, so and so was caught speeding in ... God loves the hypocrite in and outside the church and wants them to repent to ...

15 Awful Examples of Christian Propaganda – Pleated-Jeans.com


May 20, 2010 ... Sure, they're total hypocrites, but other religions have their share of .... If you're going to point out examples of Christian hypocrisy, try and do so ...

The Hypocrisy Of Religious Conservatives - Daily Kos


Apr 5, 2014 ... Here we have an international example, one from Australia. The religious conservative in this case is the Australian Christian Lobby, Australia's ...

Essay Sample On Religious Hypocrisy - GrantGalea


Below given is an essay example, explaining why the worst kind of hypocrite is a religious hypocrite. Be sure to use this article at your convenience.

Christian Hypocrisy From the Religious Right | US News Opinion


Oct 26, 2011 ... Religious right seeks to cut social programs though the Bible says to take care of the poor.

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What About Hypocrites in the Church? | Focus on the Family


This article will answer the "hypocrisy objection" to Christianity. ... In fact, the history of the Christian church is filled with examples of selflessness, courage, moral ...

Hypocrisy in Christians - Truth Magazine


In the early church, Antioch was one of the first congregations to overcome its ... This example from the New Testament illustrates what a hypocrite is; he is a man  ...

Racial and Religious Hypocrisy in Adventures of Huckleberry ... - DiVA


in Huck's society and their racial and religious hypocrisy have an enormous impact on ... Another example of Huck's father's alleged superiority in the novel is in ...