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In the context of a web browser, a frame is a part of a web page or browser window which ... so browsers with frames disabled (or browsers that do not support frames) can display something to the us...

5 Other Sites that Use Frames - The Blog Herald


Apr 13, 2009 ... About.com is one of the few sites that used frames during the .com boom and both stayed alive ... [Sample Frame]. Facebook. facebook-logo-1. Facebook is by far and away the largest single site to use framing in a widespread manner. .... Five Ways You Can Prevent Your Website From Getting Defaced.

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This page contains HTML frames examples. These are examples of frames- based websites that you can use as a starting point for your own frames-based ...

Website Frames - Don't Use Frames To Design or Build Your Site


Mar 18, 2016 ... The strongest arguments against using frames have more to do with usability than accessibility. For example, frames can reduce the amount of ...

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Using the target parameter with frames; Javascript calls - "Change all" item allows to change the contents of all frames by single click. See also "Javascript tips" ...

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If you must use frames, use the tag <base target="_blank"> between <head> and ... An easy to use navigation structure is essential to any well designed website! ... Here's another example of a poor choice of a background/ text color and size.

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HTML frames - HTML tutorial. ... On this page you can see examples of different framesets. ... BASIC EXAMPLE · CREATING A FRAMESET · DEFAULT PAGES.

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Apr 1, 2001 ... The best way to explain frames is to look at an example. Figure 1 illustrates a sample Web page that uses four frames. The four frames are:.

Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time) - Nielsen Norman Group


Dec 1, 1996 ... With respect to the use of frames by highly skilled Web designers, I have .... Many websites that offer users a choice between regular and framed ... For example, a Web design styleguide may need to mix discussions of design ...

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Using this site as an example, you see the Iron Spider logo at the top of every ... A website that uses frames, on the other hand, allows the user to reload only the ...