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Linear equation


A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a constant and (the first power of) a single variable. A simple example of a linear equation with...

Equation of a Straight Line - Math is Fun


y = mx + b. (or "y = mx + c" in the UK see below) ... the line is). b = the Y Intercept ( where the line crosses the Y axis) ... For example, when x is 1: y = 2×1 + 1 = 3.

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Aug 18, 2009 ... This gives the basic outline of the dreaded y=mx+b formula, for linear equations. How to solve for b (y-intercept), and how to solve for any other ...

Math Forum: y = mx + b (Chameleon Graphing: Lines and Slope)


y = mx + b. We just figured out that a line with a slope of 3 and a y-intercept of 2 has the equation y = 3x + 2. What if we want to know the equation for this line?

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I need to put the following question in to y=mx+b form ... Here's an example: if you had just 10 people on the bus, you'd pay $120 for the empty bus and $2 for ...

Seven Steps y=mx +b


Please note that not all data line up as nicely as this example. Unless ... This is just a matter of inserting X and Y into our tattoo-worthy equation, Y = MX + B. 1st.

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For example: y=5x+-6 I don't get how to graph any of it, and I don't get how to ... In y=mx+b the two parts that we focus on are m, which represents the slope or ...

What does the number m in y = mx + b measure? To find out ...


points on the graph of y = mx + b. Then y1. = mx1. + b and y2. = mx2. + b. ... Consider some examples. •. • x2–x1. (x2,y2) y2–y1. (x1,y1) m = y. 2. – y. 1 x. 2. – x. 1 ...

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Example: 2x - 3y = 6 ... FORM 2: Slope intercept (or y-intercept). 07-lines-03.gif ... are the pieces: y = mx + b, the slope is m and the y-intercept is. continue · 1 2 ...

What does "y = mx + b" stand for? | Reference.com


Y = mx + b is the equation for a straight line. "B" is the point value of where the line intercepts the y axis, called the y intercept. "M" is the value of the slope of the  ...

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Straight-Line Equations: Slope-Intercept Form - Purplemath


Covers the 'slope-intercept', or 'y = mx + b', form of straight-line equations.

Graphing Equations and Inequalities - Slope and y-intercept - First ...


Every straight line can be represented by an equation: y = mx + b. The coordinates of every ... First Glance, In Depth, Examples, Workout. First Glance, In Depth ...

Slope intercept form. Formula , examples and practice problems.


... one point. Includes you-tube video Lesson with pictures and many example problems. ... In general, the slope intercept form assumes the formula: y = mx + b.