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Andrea (The Walking Dead)


Andrea is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is ... The group moves on, first to a gated community named Wiltshire Estates ... As with Amy, she shoots him to stop ...

'The Walking Dead': Andrea Dies — Laurie Holden Talks Season 3 ...


Mar 31, 2013 ... Walking Dead Exclusive: The Actor at the Center of the Season Finale's Tragic Death ... I'd like to think Andrea's death will have meaning.

Walking Dead Exclusive First Look: Andrea Takes On the ... - TVLine


Feb 4, 2013 ... Walking Dead Exclusive First Look: Andrea Takes On the Mob! ... Or will she elect to stand by the Governor in the wake of her old pal Daryl's capture? Take a .... Complaining about how the women are portrayed perhaps stop ...

The Walking Dead: Episode 3.14: “Prey” by Regina Thorne


Mar 18, 2013 ... Andrea finally wises up in Prey, The Walking Dead episode 03.14. ... one of my favorite characters from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, ... We got the answer last night: make Andrea the Governor's “Prey”, ... “I have to stop this! ... Milton says he belongs in Woodbury and can't join Andrea; she tells...

"The Walking Dead" (2010) - FAQ - IMDb


How can I find casting calls and audition for The Walking Dead season 5? ... The first episode is a rather faithful interpretation of the first issue of the comic book. .... On the show it is Andrea and Michonne who encounter the Governor and are taken ..... is bit by a walker, later died and shot by the Governor to prevent turning.

'The Walking Dead': Exclusive season 4 preview video! | EW.com


Apr 1, 2013 ... 'The Walking Dead': 'The Governor is still out there. The war is not ... [SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have yet to watch the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead.] ... But what does it mean for what happens next in season 4? Well, we have the first bits of intel for you right here and right now! In t...

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Governor and Andrea Play a Deadly ...


Mar 17, 2013 ... Last week on The Walking Dead, the episode ended with Rick asking ... to stick in Woodbury was her attempt to protect and look after the innocent citizens. ... I can forgive Andrea for not realizing this wouldn't kill him, because she isn't ... he also seems to have stopped drinking the Governor's Kool-Aid.

'The Walking Dead' recap: Seance hotline | NJ.com


Nov 18, 2012 ... Merle's human hand can look threatening, too. ... On "The Walking Dead," Michonne was the first to assert that no one actually escapes Woodbury. ... Therefore, very little can stop the Governor and Andrea from downing more whiskey, enjoying .... EXCLUSIVE: 'Empire' Star Serayah Is Dating Rapper Wal...

Exclusive: Costume Designer from The Walking Dead - Parade


Feb 9, 2014 ... For me at least, The Walking Dead helps make the world around me seem a lot less scary. ... He does leather aging and did the Governor's eye patch. ... Do you think that your characters have stopped caring about the way that they look, ... a flashback to when Andrea is at a law function so that we could see ...

'The Walking Dead' Season 3 finale recap: The Governor loses control


Apr 1, 2013 ... "The Walking Dead" has been building up the final battle between Rick's ... tools of torture we're led to believe he's been using on Andrea (they look remarkably ... Rick points out that she's "one of us," and that Carl made the call first .... The Governor stares at them, and you can ...

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The Walking Dead: What Will Happen When Andrea Reunites with ...


Feb 22, 2013 ... It's the moment Walking Dead fans have been waiting for since last season's ... to Holden to find out how Andrea will attempt to prevent the oncoming war. ... She didn't know for the first half of Season 3 that the Governor was a sociopathic villain. .... Exclusive Walking Dead First Look: Maggie's Got a...

The Walking Dead: Did Rick Hand Over Michonne to The Governor ...


Mar 24, 2013 ... The Walking Dead: What does this mean for Andrea? ... I don't like the preview because it looks like they abandon the prison, that won't stop The Gov, he will track ..... Exclusive Walking Dead First Look: Maggie's Got a Gun!

Andrea (TV Series) - Walking Dead Wiki - Wikia


But Rick does come back, and Andrea and the others make it to the truck just as the .... Shane approaches the shed and asks Andrea if she would stop him if he were .... That night, Andrea and the rest of Woodbury look on as Merle and Martinez face ... Andrea learns that The Governor lied about who shot first from Rick, and ...

Walking Dead First Look: Daryl and Merle Prepare for War | E! Online


Mar 19, 2013 ... In this exclusive first look at Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, titled ... If Andrea fails to warn them in time about the Governor's (David ... Even if the zombie pit was torched, that won't stop the Gov from wreaking havoc.

'The Walking Dead' 3×14 'Prey' first look: Andrea, Tyreese ... - Hypable


The Walking Dead 3x14 "Prey" explores Andrea, Tyreese and Milton who are set to corrupt The Governor's plans as The Walking Dead season 3 finale nears. ... What fans can expect is the pendulum beginning to swing in Rick's momentum, with the aid of old friend, Andrea, the fringe ... Andrea says, “I have to stop this!