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Turns out that isn't the only way to improve flexibility. ... The exercises in your workout combined with nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle choices can all have an ...

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Your joints have certain directions in which they will allow more movement than others. So, be sure to stretch all muscle groups, and make sure that you are stretching in all directions - gently exploring and testing the full range of a joint. Those who are preparing ... More »
By Marguerite Ogle, Guide

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Q: Exercises to increase flexibility?
A: Some people are naturally flexible, but others have a hard time getting splits and other skills.Make sure you warm up before stretching, otherwise you could eas... Read More »
Q: And any exercises to increase flexibility?
A: Well, you could always get a Thera band, or an exercise band. They come in different levels of resistance, and I have one from Bunheads that is purple, and the ... Read More »
Q: What are the best exercises to increase flexibility?
A: Stretching exercises are the best way to maintain or improve Read More »
Q: What are the two main kinds of exercise that increase flexibility...
A: Flexibility is more than the ability of the Read More »
Q: How to exercise to increase flexibility
A: In this online video series learn from fitness instructor Angela Joyce as she demonstrates arm exercises, back exercises, buttocks exercises, groin stretches & ... Read More »